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Zoe here! I've never been interested in the norm, but I've always had a curiosity about experiencing the "Zoe" life, which means experiencing the fullness of life. That's what I'd like to share with you as a member of Black Girl in the CLE. I love dancing, working out, practicing yoga, and drinking wine. I'm open to navigating spaces and places that black folks don't frequent just because I wanna see what else happens in the world. My favorite past time is watching foreign movies. I know. I get that side eye all the time because those are the only movies that I watch. I'm also a wife, mom, 9 to 5er, and side-gigger who refuses to go out like a wimp! 


My name is Gina G, a Cleveland, Ohio native and loving it! I loved Cleveland before it was cool, so much so that I can't think of any other place I'd rather live. Well, except somewhere with better and more predictable weather, less orange barrels, Ooo oooo and perhaps a winning foosball...I mean football organization. But Hey! We've got LeBron. 

I could go on and on about everything there is to love about Cleveland, but in the mean time here's an abstract about ME!

Again, being born and raised in Cleveland means two things. You're either literally from Cleveland or you're from "The Heights". I am from the Heights, Cleveland Heights. I can remember the good old days of severance, when it was actually a mall. I can remember Coventry, which remains nestled in the heart of Cleveland Heights and still a local favorite hang out for your young modern hipster or even your mature Bodega crowd. 

Being Gina in Cleveland is fun, I'm an art lover and can there's always new people to meet and new places for old pals to hang. The food here is phenomenal with endless possibilities to please your pallet. Southside, Cozumel, B & M's and Slyman's just to name a few favorites. 

Thank you and welcome to Black Girl in Cleveland, please follow me and my adventures and check out my next blog.



Live. Laugh. Love.


 This mantra says it all and perfectly describes how I live my life. I was born and raised in the city of Youngstown, Ohio. For the past 10 years, Cleveland has been home to me and my daughter. I am Medical Laboratory Scientist by day and a social butterfly, well.. all of the time. You can always find me searching out a new adventure, meeting new people, and try new things. In my blogs, you can expect to find a bit of humor, a whole lot of honesty, and some new places that you will want  to put on your bucket list. I look forward sharing all of my shenanigans and experiences in CLE with you!

Peace & Love,