Go Train Fitness

I am motivated by the fear of failure. I’ve witnessed to many people give up on their dreams. I’ve witnessed people take whatever life throws at them, versus dictating what they want out of life. ~ “James Abrams”, Owner GOTRAINJAMES #GOTRAINGETFIT

I recently spoke with James Abrams of Go Train Fitness. He’s a personal training entrepreneur who believes his success with his clients is to help them achieve consistency. He told me that his workouts are designed to be tough enough to make you want to re-evaluate your life. He’s there to push you and help you realize you can do more than what you thought you could.  

As a current client of James Abrams, I think to myself, “Is this workout even possible”? At the end of his class, my mindset changes to nothing is impossible. I am overcome with the feeling of wanting more. I become energized and ignited, wanting to conquer the next challenge.  In fact, James coins his class “The Wolfpack” because we push one another to finish the workout and no one gets left behind.

James indicated “I know I have reached my client when I don’t have to tell them what to do.  I know my client has reached proficiency when they independently use equipment correctly, use the right techniques, and not compromise their form.”

James’ business germinated from an unsuccessful workout apparel line. He started doing workouts to promote the clothes and realized he was on to something.  James was adamant about working out and not dwelling on his failure. He even helped his mom lose 70 lbs.

It wasn’t until another trial derailed his career and inspired a breakthrough. James recounted his time as he worked at a community college.

I was having the worst experience of my life. I had the manager from hell. In fact, the job did not work out and I was terminated from my position at the college, on my birthday of all days. Without hesitation, I started working on my certification while training people on the side. I studied hard and prepared for the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certification Exam and passed on the first attempt. Once I passed my exam I took on 5 Clients.

Eventually, I got the call that would change my life. My close friend Ron “Boss” Everline called me about the opportunity to train a Saudi Arabian Prince who wanted to lose weight for a wedding. I auditioned for him and landed an 8 month gig traveling and training. Following my contact, I knew personal training was my calling, my niche. I started with 8 people and that has now grown to over 40 athletes in my club.

James is not only a solid business owner, but also a professional in delivering superior service, helping his clients become athletes not just in the gym, but he teaches endurance to withstand discomfort as metaphor of life.