Guest Blogger Kathrine Morris Shares How To Have Fun and Stay Fit in CLE

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Fun and Fit in Cleveland has been the theme of this second leg of my fitness journey. Over the past year, I have shed 30+ pounds staying routine with my meals and workouts. But I realized that I wasn't having fun! 

My need for excitement and my desire to stay fit got me to thinking, "How can I stay healthy when I'm not working out?"  My answer was to have fun!

To date, I’ve attended a hula-hoop class, a boxing class, a kangaroo hops class, pole dancing and most recently an aerial Lyra hoop class.

Yoga Strong- Barre Fly Cleveland is a unique yoga experience. Not only do they have a full studio for traditional yoga classes, but they have a variety of other options including other yoga styles, barre, pilates, barre booty lift, aerial yoga, Lyra hoop, and their signature BarreFly class that combines elements of all classes.

Disclaimer: I want to be in the circus. No, this is not something that I wanted to do as a young child, but a rather new occurrence as I started to near the other side of my twenties. Being upside down, horizontal with the ground and swinging gracefully through the air seemed like a good idea, so I went for it.

We started the workshop getting into the hoop. Easy!  I wasn’t afraid of going upside down, swinging, or even climbing with my legs, so I was set.  After 10 minutes of that, I was reminded that I had no real upper body strength. I found the activity to be extremely taxing on my body.

The hour-long workshop was refreshing and a fantastic confidence booster. I tried everything to the best of my ability. As we transitioned through different positions and riggings with the hoop, I was able to feel myself catching on quickly, gaining confidence, and soaring through the air. One of my favorite quotes has been that “For those who are determined to fly, not having wings is but a minor detail.”  As I made friends with the hoop, I was determined to fly through the class like a seasoned pro gracefully.

K Morris Pic 3.jpg

It was not always pretty, though, pushing myself through the poses. Once I ran out of adrenaline and found myself caught in the hoop with limbs that would not move and fear in my heart. With some assistance, I made it out without a scratch, but it was a reminder that I was not a pro and my circus dreams needed a little more work.

K Morris Pic 1.jpg

I am excited to return to BarreFly and do more Lyra and Aerial Silks classes. The instructor Laura was phenomenal. Her energy motivated me so much to try new poses and make it through the workshop. If you want to join me, the classes are typically on Sunday and can be found on the Yoga Strong Cleveland website. They offer a new student sign up package both the yoga and barre classes for $80 unlimited for 30 days and also have a new special called “Barre Bunny Hop” where you get to try eight classes for $50.  

Before you head to an aerial class consider these tips:

1) Eat Light! Upside down and full to your neck is not the greatest feeling.

2) Wear comfortable clothing that you don’t have to pull and tug at. It’s a bit complicated to tug at your pants and hang upside down.

3) The hoop is metal! If you have sensitive hands, even with the grip tape, it can leave your hands sore and callused. Wear the fingerless grip gloves to help with sweating and gripping

4) Step outside your comfort zone! You’re already trying something new, give yourself the push to try a new pose, take one hand or foot off the hoop and swing!

5) Bring a friend to capture you in the air and have fun!

Kathrine Morris is currently the Neighborhood and Resident Services Manager at Famicos Foundation, a community development organization which primarily services the Glenville Neighborhood on Cleveland’s East Side. 

In her spare time, Kathrine works at the CLE Urban Winery in Cleveland Heights in the tasting room utilizing her love for people and conversation to interact with customers and provide a meaningful and memorable experience at every sip. Kathrine is also a health and wellness advocate and spends the time she isn’t working to help with community gardens, lead neighborhood bike rides and run races all over the city.