Is Your Womb Healthy?

by Nanekia Ansari

Ladies, do you ever think about what’s going on inside your body, especially after childbirth? Do you wonder if everything is still intact? Like really how can a whole person be in there and something not get shifted or not put back in its right place?  Well, ladies, I’m here to tell you that everything may not be in the right place (WOW!)

I learned that on a field trip I took with a couple of friends to the Womb Wellness Center, a quaint little space with an aroma of lavender and other oils filling the air. It was super inviting!  So, sit back, grab your cup because I’m about to spill some tea for you.

Photo courtesy of  Nanekia Ansari

Photo courtesy of Nanekia Ansari

Did you know that the womb is considered to be the energy source for women? Not that hard to believe, it houses humans, that takes a lot of energy. I attended a class by Mrs. Radin, Studio Owner,  teaching The Avirgo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (try saying that three times fast!) This ancient technique is a gentle massage that helps bring your womb into proper alignment to help with your digestive system, blood, lymph, nerve, and energy flow. It is believed that when the body is out of alignment our systems tend to be reactive to make up for the shift. As I continue my healthy lifestyle journey I wanted to explore all avenues of getting healthy. What better way to get healthy than getting a massage? 

In a quiet room, each person was given the opportunity to express which benefit of the technique being offered they were looking forward too. (To check out the benefits for men and women click here. ) There was open discussion about why hospitals don’t offer the post-partum care that women need. If you’ve had a baby or know someone who has then you know you get your go home pack which includes, Tucks Medicated Pads, netted underwear, sanitary napkins, pain meds, and that magical squirt bottle.

But what about the other stuff? You know how do I start to feel like me again, once my womb is empty. You’re told that your hormone levels will be out of whack for a while, but there’s more to it than just that. For many women in the room, they complained of long-term effects of never feeling energized and constantly trying new things to help give them an energy boost.

Photo courtesy of  Nanekia Ansari

Photo courtesy of Nanekia Ansari

In the class, Mrs. Radin explained via diagram how our bodies should look with the womb in the right place bringing everything else into alignment, but when the womb is misaligned it can have negative output. We may never even realize that misalignment is the reason for some of the issues we are having. Ladies, have you gone to the doctor numerous times only to be given meds and sent home. Have you ever been told that your body may not be aligned correctly? This may be the source of your problem. I’d advise everyone to take back control of there health and to seek out sources that are right for you.

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty…COST! This type of massage is not currently covered by insurance (BIG SURPRISE!). It can be costly to get your body in proper working order but what’s a few dollars to feel better?  It’s up to us to take back control of our health so that we can live our best lives!  Check out rates for the different massages offered here

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