Porco Lounge & Tiki Room

Porco Lounge & Tiki Room presents The CLECast live show with The Cleveland Bagel Company

Smoky Bottom

When I put the address to Porco Lounge into “Sally,” my GPS I was confused and almost told her, “No Sally, you’re going the wrong way!” As a lifetime member of Cleveland’s East Side alliance, I have only been venturing over the Hope Memorial or Transportation or Lorain-Carnegie Bridge (or whatever it’s called!) as a solo driver for the last few years. In my mind I thought I’d turn right onto West 25th from Carnegie, I mean Lorain (I still of which don’t understand the logic of this name change! Roads on the east side will have the same name and be broken up by main streets, train tracks, parks and more!!), but Sally said otherwise. I wasn’t going to my beloved and comfortable area of the West Side Market, instead I was headed to parts unknown. So I actually listened to Sally this time and found myself pulling into the Porco Lounge and Tiki Room’s parking lot.. “Ride Sally, ride!”

This event was a new one for me but extremely timely. The CLECast was to be broadcasting their latest podcast episode from the lounge. I have just recently expanded my podcast knowledge beyond religion and relationship or religious relationships to become a more well-rounded learning/listener/looser… Nevertheless, I thought a local podcast could be cool addition. Once I found my friend and looked around, I noticed that there were only four chocolate drops in the place. I didn’t have a problem with that. I adopted a new mantra a couple of years ago, “Get off of the four block radius!” What I mean by that is try something new: food, theatre, bars, events. If I want my life to be different, I’d have to do different things and meet different kinds of people. So my friend introduced me to another Blackgirl Blogger and her friends who told her of this event. We talked podcasts. They shared some interesting ones with me and I with them. Loser, no more! I am a podcast junkie!! To a degree.

As I looked around the lounge, I noticed the fun Polynesian masks on the wall, a couple hundred Polynesian and Hawaiian mugs on shelves, a drunken skeleton, a lit up hot pink glass pig all before I noticed a niche of books on the bar wall tucked among the whiskey and bourbon bottles. “How cool is that?” I said aloud. My friend explained to the other blogger that I am a librarian by day after she gave me a quizzical look. Anyway, after taking some photos of the books, I said hello to the only black guy in the place who was sitting at the bar. He told me his name, which I’m sorry to admit I forgot as soon as I walked away, but later he came by our table and we all talked about what we thought of Porco Lounge, our ages, black and white cultural differences and found out we all knew a few people in common.

In the end I really liked this spot. The only thing that was uncomfortable for me was the temperature. I was freezing!! Even though I was all cinnamon rolled up in my blanket shawl plus a scarf around my neck, that wasn’t enough. I think that as soon as the placed filled up with people, the establishment turned on the air. I know I don’t speak for all black people, but I feel that white folks are conditioned for the cold and we are not (this was one of the cultural differences that we talked about mentioned above). So when going there during the fall or winter, dress in layers. One must be prepare. Nevertheless, I can see myself chilling out back on their patio sipping one of their fun smoking drinks with leaves, dinosaurs and umbrellas while listening to some hipster music. Porco’s menu is a spin on bar food with a tiki twist: Beef Jerky, Chorizo Tacos, or Porco Sliders. The barkeeps were friendly and the service was speedy. Overall a great time!