Black Girls Speed Date?

Yup, we tried it. Speed dating, that is.

Kiara, Shana, and Chauna share their take on speed dating.

Kiara, Shana, and Chauna share their take on speed dating.

On Friday, December 9th, the Norman S. Minor Bar Association held a Speed Dating and Couples' Games event at Take 5 Rhythm and Jazz downtown.

Although none of us are lawyers, nor members of the association, the idea of speed dating sounded fun.  Plus I had never been speed dating before, and I figured there would be some brothers there given the organization hosting the event was the African-American bar association in Cleveland.

I was the first female speed dater to arrive and when I say first I mean first. Like my name tag said #1 and I started off at table #1. No, I wasn’t thirsty to meet a man. I didn’t read the ticket and hadn’t realized there was an hour to hang out before the dating started.

No problem.

The extra time gave me a chance to take pictures and meet the organizers of the event, and members of the association. Lon’Cherie from the association gave me a breakdown of how it worked. I guess there was some benefit of getting there early. I got a jumpstart on learning the rules. I mean, it was speed dating!

The rules were simple;

  • Women would rotate from table to table (This made me a little upset.)

  • Each date would last 3 minutes.

  • In case we ran out of things to talk about we were giving a list of questions we could ask our dates

  • No giving out contact info during the date. Mutual matches would be shared at a later date based on our completed worksheet.

  • Most importantly, have fun.

The rules of speed dating.

The rules of speed dating.

Honestly, the only disappointment with my first ever speed dating experience was the turnout. There were only 7 men and 8 women. Even though it was a good time, I wonder if it would have been more fun if we had more date choices.  

Chauna’s Take

Speed dating was, well, interesting.

Having a martini while waiting for the event to begin definitely took the edge off. I mean, hello?? I had 4 minutes to get to know someone and to explain why I was fabulous!

No pressure.

As a scientist, I really thought this was going to be a complete waste of time. But surprisingly, it was legit. It’s a concept, I believe, that actually works.

Speed daters in action

Speed daters in action

I found that I could tell when someone was lying, holding back, or sincere all within that 4 minutes. I could also instantly tell if I was interested or not at all. More importantly, it tested my ability to be able to communicate and interact with men on this level.

I don’t know if it was all me or the addition of  Ketel One, but I was flirty, confident, and having a fantastic time. I’m not much of a dater, but I think this event may have changed my mind.

So if you’re single and ready to mingle, try speed dating. It’s great practice and it may lead you to the next adventure in your life.  

Kiara’s Take

I arrived at the speed dating event 6:10 p.m. to be exact and was kinda nervous about walking in since I’d never been speed dating before.

To my surprise, the event didn't start yet so I greeted Shana and Chauna who were already there, all smiles while having drinks at the bar. I was so relieved to see them, but I was a little disappointed about my drink, which wasn’t a happy hour priced drink at all.

I was pretty cool with most of the rules, but the one where the ladies had to move seemed a bit backward to me. Why should we have to move? Besides having my purse, I had to carry my drink, a pen, and paper to every table. But I did enjoy meeting a new person with each move.

Kiara mingling

Kiara mingling

There weren't many lawyers there for it to be hosted by the bar association, but I definitely enjoyed myself anyway. The one lawyer I met bought me and the other BGC girls a round of drinks. We mixed and mingled a while after it was over.

Would I do speed dating again?


Have you ever tried speed dating?  Would you try speed dating?  Share your comments below.