A Black Girl's Journey to Westlake For Her Hair?

The last time I visited the Vanity Lab was January 10, 2015. It was the day that I decided to get another big chop because I wanted my curls to flourish again. My stylist, Celina Pagan was down for the transformation, even though that meant that I wouldn't be making my monthly trip to Westlake to experience her magic anymore.

Westlake? What black girl goes to Westlake to get her hair done? Well, I did. I drove 19 miles on 480 West or 90 West for 30 minutes to get my  hair done for as long as I can remember. Since 2011 to be exact!

Celina actually started doing my hair back in 2009. She had such a special way of consulting with me about the results I wanted to see and ways that I could maintain my hair on my own. If I ever wanted to try something different, we’d go through the Style Mapping Process.

Style Mapping.png

People would ask me all of the time why go all that way to Westlake to get my hair done and to a salon that doesn't necessarily service black hair? My answer was simple. Out of all the stylists that I've visited in my life, no one could cut and color my hair like Celina. And she knew how to customize my hair treatments so that it stayed healthy during the process.

O, but there's one more thing. I considered Vanity Lab to be such a special place.

Part salon, part artisan boutique, it was like visiting Shopper Haven. I've found some of the coolest jewelry, home decor, cosmetics, and specialty gifts there. And check this out. Everything featured in the shop was made or sold by someone in northeast Ohio.

My mother still gets her hair done there and she's been begging me to go and get mine done. (She's been giving me subtle hints about my natural hair for a while now.)  And she’d even pay for it.

O, mother.

Of course, I took her up on it. Not to get my “hair done” because I'm a curly girl for life, but to see if Celina could trim me up a bit. Now, I had to be clear that I didn't want any length taken away because it's taken some time for me to get it. (Y'all know the shrinkage is real!)

Sorry, I don't have an after pic. My curls got swept away a little, but it was nothing that a good old twist out couldn’t fix. It was all good, though. Celina is a master and she did exactly what she said and I’m glad that I went.

But my hair journey to Westlake isn't the gist of this post. I really wanted you to see Shopper Haven at Vanity Lab and Artisan Project.

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