Sponsored: Pure Mvmnt Part 1: Acrobatic Pole Dancing

Who knew that flying on a pole could be so freeing?

The Spark Series at Pure Mvmnt started Sunday, January 8th with eight women of all different shapes, sizes, and stories.

We came to learn how to fly. We came to let go of our fears. We came to embrace our sensual sides!

Life coach, studio founder, and developer of Spark, Anjua Maximo shared her journey of self-love and acceptance, which began when she stopped comparing her body to curvaceous family members. She was on the sleeker, slender side.

Feeling out of place around her cousins and sisters with thick hips and thighs, J-Lo booties, as she said, Anjua’s build was trimmer, thinner. She began to embrace her slim, athletic physique by focusing on what she had.

But the road to womanhood was not easy. She hid her body under baggy clothes during the 90s. She pretended to be someone she truly wasn’t to fit in. Until finally she found herself and the courage to tell her story.



Each of us told our story, stressors, and struggles with body image, low self-esteem, and what we thought people saw when they looked at us. We became a “Circle of Sisters” that held the space for each other as we listened on encouragingly.

Circle of Sisters

Circle of Sisters

Pure Mvmnt is welcoming. It's a safe space. It's a sacred place.

After we began to warm up, Anjua lead us through a series of sensual movements to strengthen our core, tone our arms and loosen up our legs.

Then we headed to the poles!

Spark is more than pole dancing. It is not about putting on a show for others. We learned it is about loving ourselves. We were showed how to perform our first acrobatics: the hummingbird.

The coaches demonstrated how to spin around the pole using momentum and strength, propelling your body around the pole in the air! Safety was stressed. Injuries from incorrect positioning can easily occur. We were excited and ready to try.

We all did it! Each of us cheered on our partners as she sashayed to the pole, stared it down, hooked her ankles and spun. After several times, we grew more confident and graceful.

About to fly!

About to fly!

It was beautiful! It was powerful! It was liberating! We craved more acrobatic tricks, but honestly, we were exhausted. The emotional toll of being vulnerable coupled with the physical exertion wore us out, ready to return to our circle. Our Sister Circle.

The Closing Sister Circle

The Closing Sister Circle

Journals were passed out. Assignments will be given. Emotions were high but we all felt safe.

Got my journal.JPG

Then it was time to see our coaches dance! They showed us the sensual dance we would begin learning over the next 5 weeks along with more pole dancing tricks.

It was hot!

Coaches sensual dance.

Coaches sensual dance.

Stick with me as I share my Spark journey. Interviews with other participants and coaches will be a part of this series as well as highlights of what I see, hear and feel.

Pure Mvmnt is a pole dance and sensual movement studio that focuses on personal development and empowerment of the female energy!

They offer three-leveled series of 6 weeks each plus buti yoga which is a feminine centered blend of tribal dances and primal movements along with yoga poses. They offer pole parties, workshops, and girls night out!

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The studio partners with GrooveRyde.

And yes! Black Girls Do Acrobatic Pole Dancing! See you around town.

Dawn MichelleGrooveryde