Black Girls Are Introduced to Stranger Things?

Shana: Let’s begin with this. I am not a TV watcher. While I have all the streaming services and have my TV on most of the time, I’m always on the go. Chauna, on the other hand, Chauna is a TV fan. She’s one of those people who won’t talk to you when she’s watching Game of Thrones or Insecure.  And she is a big fan of Stranger Things on Netflix.

Chauna: As an avid Netflix and Hulu watcher, I’m pretty serious about my TV shows. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t jump on the bandwagon of new shows when everyone else does. In fact, it was by chance that I binge watched Stranger Things. Like everyone else in America, I was patiently waiting for the release of season 2 when I stumbled upon this event.

OMG MOCA is having a Stranger Things Silent Disco

Shana: I saw the event on Facebook and didn’t think much about it.  Until I got Chauna’s message “OMG, did you see MOCA is having a Stranger Things Silent Disco?!?!  Do you wanna go?!?!?” “Um, Sure,” I responded since I’m always down for a silent disco.

Chauna: A Stranger Things Silent Disco at MOCA??!?? I was too excited. The tickets were $16 and included access to the cash bar, a pair of headsets for the disco and Eggos upon Eggos (Their words not mine). Partying in the Upside Down seemed like a no-brainer to me.

Strings Attached

Shana: As the event got closer, we were both getting excited. For me, it was about going to a silent disco at MOCA, for Halloween. For Chauna, it was about the Upside Down (whatever that was) and Eggo waffles (no idea why). She was also excited dressing up as a wall. I think it was my unenthusiastic “that’s cool” that brought on this one condition from Chauna: I must watch 3 episodes of Stranger Things or else.

Chauna: Can I say you must always trust your spidey senses. I had a feeling from Shana’s unenthusiastic “Sure” when I first asked if she wanted to go, that she hadn’t seen Stranger Things. So yes, this ticket came with stipulations. You can’t party with me in the Upside Down if you don’t know what it is.

Hmm. Watch 3 Episodes. Okay, When?

Shana: Like I said earlier, I’m always on the go and I knew that I didn’t want to watch anything spooky late at night. When did I have time to I sit down and watch THREE episodes?  I decided to split the difference and watch the episodes while working on our gift baskets. I figured my plan was perfect since Chauna was heading over to my house to help with the gift baskets. She would see I watched the show and I would no longer have her Silent Disco threat looming over me.

Foul on the Play

Shana: When Chauna arrived, Zoe and I were drinking wine and watching Stranger Things.  She accused me of cheating because I was making baskets and talking to Zoe. She said I wasn't “really watching” the show and was going to miss all the good parts.

Chauna: The day Shana finally started watching Stranger Things was the night we were putting together the baskets for the Cavs players. Even though we were busy working, I can tell that she was enjoying it. I felt like she earned her way to party at MOCA with all of us Stranger Things lovers even though she was cheating.

Shana:  Umm, I wasn’t cheating...IJS

Finally! Time To Silent Disco

Chauna: I was the wall with the alphabet and Christmas lights. I was actually very surprised at how many people chose that as their costume ideas. And I was so proud of Shana and her costume. MOCA put on a fantastic party and didn’t disappoint with the Eggos. My heart was full and I danced the night away.

Shana: The silent disco was so much fun! MOCA was a great venue for the event and the DJs were fire. I decided to be Dustin for the event, with my poofy curls and trucker hat it was the perfect mix of costume and comfort. I enjoyed the seeing everyone else's costumes. There were lots of Alphabet Walls and a few Elevens and a bunch of Barb’s. I also liked being able to eat Eggos while enjoying a cocktail, something that I think should be offered together more often.