Black Girls are Yogis of Color?

 Last weekend, the only event I was getting dressed for, after our amazing party, was Yogis of Color hosted by Dawn of Daybreak Yoga at Fawaky Burst.

Yogis of color BLKGRLCLE

I originally planned to support our friend and blogger, Dawn, but in the days leading up to the event, I felt that Black Girl in the CLE had to be there.

I wasn’t sure what was supposed to happen at Yogis of Color. Did I need to bring my yoga mat? Was I going to be surrounded by overzealous yogis and fitness instructors? The answer was no to both questions. It was a networking event to bring people of color, not just black people, together that like, practice, or are interested in yoga.

BLKGRLCLE Fawaky Daybreak02

Um, exclude me?

Like I said earlier, I was planning to make an appearance at Yogi of Color, although I wouldn’t have initially thought of myself as a Yogi. I have practiced and enjoyed yoga, but like most of my workouts routines, I’ve kind of gotten away from them. Another story for another day.

A few days before the event I saw a post on the event’s FB page that said, “so if I’m white can I not attend?” Hmm? At first, I didn’t think much of it, but the comment didn’t sit right. Then later friends began rallying around Dawn telling her to let it go. I must have been missing something, but I had the all too familiar feeling of the continuous struggles Black Girl in the CLE deals with because our name includes the word “black”. Maybe it’s the word “girl” people have a problem with. (Read about our struggles here)

Courtesy of Daybreak Yoga, Facebook

Courtesy of Daybreak Yoga, Facebook

Being eerily familiar I commented back and waited for the pushback

After all was said and done, I felt it was even more important to be at this event. 

Glad I Went

The event was laid back, which was right up my introverted alley. The room was filled with lots of people including some we follow on Instagram who
are doing great things for Cleveland. Everyone was connecting, talking about yoga and fitness, and conspiring to do great things together. Dawn posted a board for everyone to contribute ideas about what the group could do next. And I don’t want to leave out the delicious smoothie and wrap samples provided by Fawaky Burst.  

BLKGRLCLE Fawaky Daybreak01

Congrats to Dawn of Daybreak Yoga for bringing people together in the name of fitness, more specifically yoga. I’ll admit there are times when I get tired of being the only brown face or one of three brown faces in a yoga class. Guess it’s time to find my yoga mat and resume my practice.


You can find the Yogis of Color on Facebook.


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