Black Girls Discover 2nd and High?

By now you know that we held our anniversary party at 2nd & High, but you may be wondering why. It all started with our Meetup group, Friends of CLE. I received an invite from the folks at 2nd & High to check them out. But Black Girl ettiquitte insist that we vet a place before inviting anyone out for an event, so I headed downtown to check them out.


Where is 2nd & High?

It’s on the corner of  E. 2nd and High Streets. So where’s that, you ask? Still a fair question. I used my deductive skills to figure it out. I knew all the restaurants and stores in E. 4th. I figured E. 2nd had to be between E.4th and the Terminal Tower. Knowing there were no streets off of Euclid between E. 4th and the Terminal Tower, I decided to walk down Prospect Ave.

Sure enough. I saw a little blue street sign that said E. 2nd.  I stood at the sign for a few moments wondering if I was in the right place because it looked like a back alley that I wasn’t sure I wanted to go down. I trekked down the alley anyway, figuring it couldn’t be too scary with all the buzz around the garage of Jack Casino and sure enough I was there - on the corner of 2nd and High Street.

Such a Great Space


When I first walked in I was taken aback by the décor. My first impression was that like it would meet our Black Girls Like Nice Things standard. I was greeted by Alex and she gave me the background - when it opened, their specials and the menu. Hmmm - nice people to work with. Check.

When our meeting ended, I walked back to Prospect and texted the team, “OMG I found us a cool spot.” My enthusiasm was countered with the non-enthusiasm of both Chauna and Zoe, but I was convinced we would return to 2nd &  High.

Months Later...

Chauna and I decided to try out Wahlburger after Gina’s post about the Thanksgiving sandwich. I had to show her 2nd & High, especially because we were so close. After we ate, I convinced her to walk over with me to grab a drink. This would have been my 3rd or 4th visit to 2nd & High. I noticed it was never crowded, maintaining its laid back vibe. Black Girl Standard #3. Check

Well, one pecan bourbon, became two or more pecan bourbons, and we were all about 2nd & High. We set the date. Talked through logistics including parking. Checked the Cavs schedule and even researched when the World Series would end to make sure we wouldn’t have issues getting people downtown and paying expensive parking. By the time we left, it was all planned out.

Our Event


Our 1st year anniversary turned out to be a success. It was everything we wanted it to be. With no set agenda, we wanted people to experience a Black Girl hang out session. Most of the people that came out brought their squads and chilled.  No cliques. No photographers. Just old friends meeting new friends while checking out a new space.

Many thanks to Alex and Matt for letting us have our anniversary party at 2nd & High. A special shout-out to the Cigar Boyz who came to support and made the night a little more entertaining.

Till next time,


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