Black Girls do Buti..(not booty) Yoga

My friend and life coach, Anjua Maximo has brought buti yoga to the east side of Cleveland with a style and flare that makes engaging my core fun with the added benefit of the best playlist around! So when my Blackgirl Blogger sisters and I had our first meeting, I highly encouraged them to attend the free preview of Pure Mvmnt’s buti yoga classes at Lululemon. For the month of November Pure Mvmnt was highlighting their studio’s classes on Sundays at 11 am. I went on the first Sunday and Anjua had me spiraling my torso and shaking my booty without realizing that sweat was dripping down my back within minutes of starting. But the second Sunday was a different story altogether!

First off I was late, luckily  Shana got the "lemons" to put down a loaner mat to mark my place and arranged to unlock the doors for me when I got there. So with all of this extra stress building up, I was ready to gyrate and “twerk” it out. But no! Hell NO!

Jamie Glass was teaching this week and in full throttle mode! What was going on here?? The moves were different. The music was different. The class was full so the students were mat to mat. I already didn’t like it. The practice was so challenging and “not fun” to me that I was about to roll up mat and leave! I kept look at Gina and Shana with a crazed look in my eyes.


But I pushed through it and we had a powerful, complete workout. I talked with Jamie after and she is the sweetest little powerhouse ever. Her background is in dance, plus she has taught Zumba and cycling. Her teaching style keeps the energy level high and the students encouraged and motivated. The transitions were smooth and she provided ways to modify movements is needed. Even though I was giving her the evil eye during the workout, she was very complimentary to me and said I did great. So we hit it off but I’m not taking her class again! (Okay, never say never.)