Black Girls Do Flavor?


If you haven’t been to a Cleveland Scene event, you're truly missing out.

Flavor was their last event featuring over 40 different restaurants along with their craft cocktails, spirits, and wine samples. It was held at the Aloft in Downtown Cleveland. The event was $40/$55 at the door.

I found out about Flavor on Facebook and Instagram.  

One of the best things about Cleveland Scene’s events is the diversity. You’re guaranteed to walk into a well-crafted, open space full of an assortment of people and food. Flavor had it all. 


When local restaurants to come together and give out samples it's a genius way to bring all of CLE together and support local business. These were a few of my favorite samples.

Let’s not forget the alcohol sponsors who had great displays and suggestions if you didn’t want your vodka or bourbon neat.


My favorite food of the night were the Insomnia Cookies. They were amazing. I had at least 3 of them and was not ashamed to ask for more.  These mint chocolate cookies stole my heart. 

This is one of many examples of why an event like this works. You're put on to a restaurant or bakery that you may have never even heard of. 

I was very impressed overall with Flavor. Despite the cold and snow, it seemed like all of CLE came out. It was a magical night in CLE, the winter wonderland. 


This Black Girl in CLE will do a Cleveland Scene event again. 

Peace & Love