Black Girls Do Polar Express? I did

I have been trying to get to the Polar Express for the past 4 years and every year it seems to sell out. I was determined to go this year! My son, Adonis loves Santa and I wanted to get him to the North Pole.


I have never seen the Polar Express movie, but I remember Pepsi having a Polar Express commercial and the train ride always looked fun. For twenty-nine dollars a person, this Polar Express better be fun!


We were greeted by a big elf named Norm and a bunch of older elves as we walked to our seats. When I think of elves, I think of young, happy, energetic people, but these elves were well-seasoned and not really exciting. They kinda reminded me of the grandmother from Little Red Riding Hood rather than elves. The train had garland and white lights hanging from the window and that’s about as far as Christmas decorations go.    

Norm, the big elf, read the Polar Express story while we headed to the North Pole. I nodded off a bit because he wasn’t an enthusiastic storyteller so it was hard to pay attention. When asked everyone on the train what was their favorite part of the story, there was silence. 

It seemed like they didn’t have enough to do so they were just wasting time. Singing holiday jingles was fun for maybe 15 minutes, then I was done.

They passed out cookies and milk and we finally reached the North Pole! It was more of a Christmas light show, if you asked me that lasted about 7 minutes, but the kids loved it. All of Santa’s helpers waved at us from outside and we thought that we were going to get off the training and go see Santa, but NO!


Santa road up on his sleigh and everyone waved at him from the window. After that, we sat there for about 15 minutes. Finally, Santa came on board and asked EVERY child what they wanted for Christmas, gave them a bell, and left. We sang Christmas carols the entire ride back. 

I'm glad that my son got a chance to see the North Pole and I finally got a chance to see what the Polar Express was all about. Sad, but true, the Polar Express was not for me, even though Adonis enjoyed himself.