Black Girls Enjoy Modern Art?

MOCA is beautiful modern art structure that is a “catalyst for creativity and growth in a cosmopolitan Cleveland neighborhood, which is home to one of the country’s largest concentrations of cultural, educational and medical institutions.”

I see it as an investment in our community.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, founded in 1968, used to rent a space on Carnegie near Cleveland Clinic. But I didn’t start visiting the museum until the new building was constructed.  

Since it’s inception, MOCA has presented more than 2,000 artists’ work.

I’m fascinated by the exterior, but have enjoyed several of their events and exhibitions.

On Friday, January 27th, there was a free event for the opening of their newest exhibits featuring the works of Lisa Oppenheim and Adam Pendelton. Both artists were there and spoke of their work and how the pieces came together.

I was personally drawn to Adam’s work. As an African American artist, his exhibit showed the stark contrast of experiences by black folks against the white background of America. He had a large painting, a massive wall piece, ceramic sculptures positioned on the floor as well as a film installation.

Even though MOCA is free the first Saturday of every month, their regular admission is very reasonable. As Clevelanders we are extremely fortunate to have world class arts, theater and music all within our city limits.

So yes, Black Girls do enjoy Modern Art.

See you around town.