Black Girls Get Down at the Silent Disco?

In this post, Chauna and Zoe chat about their experience at a recent silent disco. They want to let you in on their conversation to give you insight about Black Girl in the CLEs upcoming Silent Disco at the Cleveland Urban Winery.

Zoe: Hey, girl!

Chauna: Hey!

Zoe: So, you know I’ve been thinking about the silent disco we went to a few weeks back at Grog Shop. We gotta finish our blog post.

Chauna: Yea, I know. It was fun, wasn’t it?!

Silent Disco_1.jpg

Zoe: I had the best time! I know it wasn’t your first time going to a silent disco. What was that like?

Chauna: It was outside at Star Plaza in Downtown Cleveland. It was fun but so random.

Zoe: What do you mean?

Chauna: There weren’t that many people and it was in a public place so we got stared at a lot.

Chauna and Shana_Silent Disco.jpg

Zoe: (laughs)

Chauna: But it was still a good time, you know. Just that whole vibe of having your own head space listening to music.

Zoe: I didn’t know what to expect. When I got to the Grog Shop, it was silent except for people singing out loud and the shuffling of feet. It felt weird at first because I didn't hear any music until I put on the headphones! I loved the idea of being able to listen to different types of music at the flick of a switch!


Chauna: Right! It’s like being in the car switching the radio stations trying to choose what you want to listen to.

Zoe: Yea! It’s like using the scan on your car radio. And it was kinda like you were partying alone, but not really! When I saw headphones switching colors, I hurried to jump on that station to see what everybody was jamming to! That was the fun part.

Chauna: Right! Like when you’re looking around and the majority of people were on red, you wanted to know “What are they listening to?” That was missing from the first silent disco- colored light up headphones.

Zoe: My favorite station was blue because I love house music. The red hip hop station was a crowd favorite. I only saw the green rock station light up a few times like when they played the 80s rock song I Know There's Something Going On by Frida. Well, I think it’s cool that Black Girl in the CLE has decided to throw a silent disco.


Chauna: It’s become so trendy. It’s definitely a unique experience that people all over the world are getting hip to. It’s the new way to party. I love it. It reminds me of being in my car listening to my favorite jams. Just imagine if all the cars were listening to the same station and you look over and see them jamming in their cars too!

Zoe: Yea (laughs)

Chauna: (laughs) I love it!

Zoe: I love it too! And I’m excited. I can’t wait until March 1st when we throw our first Silent Disco at the Cleveland Urban Winery in Cleveland Heights. Whoot! Whoot!

Chauna: Dancing and wine. It doesn’t get any better than that! A few of my favorite things!

Zoe: Alright girl, I’m glad that we got a chance to chit chat so that we can finish our blog post.

Chauna: Yea, me too and let everybody know about our Silent Disco at the Cleveland Urban Winery on March 1.