Black Girls Prepare to Embrace Curiosity?

It’s almost CIFF season in Cleveland and I’m hooked.  If you remember, last year was my first time attending the festival. I enjoyed myself so much that I’ve been eagerly awaiting the start of this year’s festival. (Read about my first time at CIFF)

What is CIFF? CIFF is the Cleveland International Film Festival, and this year it’s celebrating 42 years. CIFF 42, Embrace Curiosity, runs from April 4-15th at Tower City Cinema. This year’s movie line-up features over 400 films from all over the world. There are family movies, documentaries and truly something for everyone at CIFF. (Click here for ticketing info and prices.) 

After scanning the program line up, these are the movies I am most looking forward to seeing.

Liyana:  This movie from Africa sounds like a great escape from the sometimes heavy documentaries and stories at the festival.  Half documentary and half animated feature, I am looking forward to seeing how the orphans in this movie being their story to life.

Life and Nothing More:  Life and nothing more is about an African-American teen named Andrew and his single mom both looking for purpose today’s America.  As mom longs to be more than just a parent, Andrew has to take on more responsibilities. His search for connection with an absent father leads him to a dangerous crossroads. See the trailer here: 

Geek Girls:  Black Girls love Comics and totally embrace our geekdom. This movie is a documentary on the women that love cosplay, gaming, and all things geek culture. Check out the trailer here

I Am Not a Witch: This movie is set in Zambia and is the story about a little girl who is accused of being a witch. Because of this she is sent away to live in a community with other women who have been accused of being witches. Once there we see how the banished women have embraced and been empowered by the situation and stigma.  See the trailer here

Honorable Mentions: 

 Other movies on my list or movies I think you might enjoy;

Tigers Are Not Afraid (Vuelven) courtesy Youtube

Have you checked out this year’s CIFF program? Comment below and let us know what movies are you looking forward to seeing?