Black Girls Go-Kart Race? Yes, But Not In Heels!

I believe that it’s important to be cute when you go anywhere. So on a recent Friday evening, I decided to get dolled up to go-kart race.  

I threw on some boyfriend jeans because I wanted to be comfy and casual, a plain top, and some cute booties with a heel. My sister walked in while I got dressed and was like “Kiara, you wearing heels to go-kart race?”

I was like “Umm, yeah. What’s wrong with that?  I drive in heels all the time!” She told me I should put on some tennis shoes, but I thought she was being a hater. I called High Voltage, the go-kart park that I found online to ask what the shoe requirement was. I found out that I was good as long as I didn’t wear open toe shoes.

High Voltage is a 45 minute drive from Cleveland. It stays open until 11:00 p.m., which gave me plenty of time to get my race on.

Once I got there, the walk from the parking lot to the door in heels and in the snow annoyed me, but I was cool once inside because I warmed up pretty quickly. But the size of the track surprised me. I was expecting the track to be like the Indy 500. Sike! It wasn’t. Whatever.

My profile picture pleased me because I thought it was cuter than everyone else’s. High Voltage requires racers to sign up for an account to drive. Drivers can create one using Facebook and that’s what I chose to do.   

Next, I had to figure out how many races I wanted to do - one for $19.99 or three for $50.00 per person. I chose the three-race packet since each race was about 8 minutes long. I wanted to get the most for my money!

For safety measures, all drivers received a helmet and a headscarf. You know I wasn’t feeling the scarf because it was messing up my hair, but I didn’t have a choice so I wore it anyway. Sometimes you have to forgo cute for safety. The lady gave us instructions that I barely listened to. I knew I wasn’t going to understand anything without trying it first.


All buckled up, I anxiously waited for the flag to say go. I remember the lady mentioned that the car would start off slow, and then increase in speed. Increase was a understatement! I went from 0-200 in like 2 seconds! I was screaming I was going so fast!

My feet kept slipping off of the pedals and it took so much to control of the car. Someone decided it would be cool to run into the back of me and that’s when I found out I should’ve went with a smaller helmet. By the time the first race was  over I was so tired, my hands were hurting, and I gained a new respect for racecar drivers. I didn’t know if I had 2 more races in me!

By the second race I ended up getting the hang of it, even though I spun out.  I placed 3rd.

I wasn’t prepared for the physical workout! My legs were killing me. I was mad that I payed for 3 races because I was fine with going home! I was doing double the work of everyone else all because I decided to be cute and wear heels. NEVER AGAIN!

After all three races, I felt like I was walking like the scarecrow off of the Wiz. Would I go go-cart racing again? Yes, but with flat shoes. And I’m good with racing two times because three was too much for me to handle.