Black Girls Go to Miami Nights?

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a new hang out that’s nothing short of a good time called, Miami Nights.  The venue is in Westlake, Ohio just off 90 WEST HIGHWAY just 15 minutes from downtown Cleveland.

The venue offers great food American style with reasonable prices between $10-15 for entrées and two full bars. The restaurant style is, YEP! You guessed it Miami themed with lights that draw you in as if you are on Ocean Drive, cool seating to dine in and spacey enough to entertain guests for any occasion.

The kicker is that the restaurant doubles as a night lounge and at 10:00 your dinner party can turn into a real party. The venue had a dance floor and plays an eclectic Top 40 mix to Latin tunes that are sure to get you spicing up the dance floor. The staff is professional and the patrons are just as inviting.

This Black Girl, learned how to salsa, cha -cha, and meet amazing new folks right here in Cleveland, I encourage you to dance on in.