Black Girls Groove to Bossa Nova?

Bos  sa  no va- (noun): a style of Brazilian music derived from samba but placing more emphasis on melody and less on percussion; the phrase bossa nova means literally "new trend"

There was an empty room, a stage and a chair where a guitar awaited to be strum.  The room was scented with the aroma of fresh fruit and chorizo burritos, spicing things up a bit.  I anticipated hopping in line to take my place at the buffet, but was inclined to make my way to the Bloody Mary bar first.


Upon making our plates and drinks, my girlfriend and I settled for the show that was to begin shortly. I panned the room with a friendly smile nodding at the tables near ours.  The place was diverse and rich with eclectic posters of musicians that have graced the venue with various performances from rock to soul and today, Bossa Nova!

The crowd began clapping just as the sun crept out on the cold Cleveland winter day. Luca Mundaca took her position after a brief introduction and began playing the guitar and singing.  


Once Luca melodically got through half of her first song, sung in Portuguese, my mind escaped to paradise - the beach, my feet in the sand, and sultry city night dancing with strangers, moving my body in ways I couldn’t imagine.  Instantly, you can sense the crowd relax.

After the second song, Luca stopped playing to engage in dialogue with the crowd.  She made a point to explain what Bossa Nova was, what it meant to her, and her passion for the genre.

She went deeper, telling of her hardships starting out as a musician - leaving Brazil for a pilgrimage to New York City, where she later signed with Sony Music and sleeping in the apartments of strangers. She fought in hopes not to return to Brazil.

By the end of the nearly two-hour show, Luca played while patrons dined, establishing a rapport with us. Her compelling message was one of positivity, that you should love yourself, ALWAYS. Sharing her vulnerability, she shared her struggle with weight and how, in her opinion, it held her back from opportunities.  


I not only took away from this experience a reasonably priced brunch at $15, but I also left with a great message of self-worth and a rich knowledge of culture.  

Black Girls are on the scene at Music Box Supper Club.