Black Girls Got 5 On It?

If you read my last blog, you know that I LOVE DJ Terry Urban! This man skills are unmatched in the CLE. Well, at least in my opinion. After spinning musical hits for The Grey Goose Martini Experience, he returned to Touch Supper Club at W. 27th and Lorain for their I've Got 5 on It evening event. Once he began to play the crowd’s favorites dance songs, he didn’t seem to take a break for hours!

Ohio City is a Cleveland near west side neighborhood only 1.5 miles from downtown. With over 13,000 residence, 4,000 employees and $200 million in planned or current construction, this area has become the place to be! With improved access to the area through the RTA’s Red Line Rapid Transit and several bus routes, bike lanes plus a bike share program, this is one of the city’s most walkable neighborhoods. And Touch Supper Club is a “classic gem!” Their menu has one of the best bar food options I’ve had in Cleveland. When I was there we had their “Touch” gourmet pizza without meat, garlic sauteed green beans and brussel sprouts, plus what I can’t live without, their Belgian Frites! Oh. My. GOSH!! First of all, we couldn’t get enough of the brussel sprouts and decided that the next time we go we’ll order a double, but second of all, I had leftover pizza and fries for lunch. Who usually takes home bar food? During the summer months I have enjoyed their food truck around town, too.

Once our meal was complete, we went downstairs to dance. Now mind you, there is an upstairs “house” DJ but I always think the music's too loud for the bar and dining areas. I find myself saying, “What?” way too much.  As we descended the stairs, we could feel the bass and once all the way down, we were swallowed up by the heat! As it is my custom, I pushed my way to the front where the DJ booth is so I can dance up close and get personal. Since I just joked around with Terry, I wanted him to know I was back and ready to get in my cardio for the day. My boyfriend and I, along with my “ride or die” Jasmine, danced for HOURS!!


I love it there on this night because it is such a mixed group of people. I saw Ohio State frat boy types, an Asian friend from yoga, a dreadlock guy who delivers for the state liquor agency, a father and son duo who I have seen there a couple other times who seem to love to dance with everyone. The father, around my age, was wearing a Run DMC hat and Addidas track suit, demands everyone’s attention when he started to break out every old school dance move. His son, around my daughter’s age, danced with me and Jasmine as well as anyone near him. He hand danced, did trap music moves, and even joined us for the Trans Europe Express line dance! And when I came up for air by the bar, I saw my best friend, Wendy, and her family. We talked about how great the music was and once I got a drink, I drug her up to the front to dance some more.

If you haven’t been to Touch Supper Club, Sanctuary  (hosted by Mark A. Matthews of The Whatknot Bow Tie Company) is on the first of Saturday every month and I've Got 5 on it, is usually the last Saturday of the month. AND I just saw that they have FREE Sushi on Fridays during happy hour! That’s next on my list. See you around town!