Black Girls Ice Skate?

Close your eyes. Imagine that you are in a winter wonderland. Feel your fingers getting cold, the frost on your nose, the crispness against your cheeks, and the tingle of your toes.

Now, open your eyes! Get ready to have the time of your life, but be sure to keep your balance because it's easy to fall on the ice!!  

I was trying to decide what to do one weekend. Cozy up to read a good book? Put on my dancing shoes, and cut a rug? Or call it a night, and wait for the next day to find something to do?  Tis the season to do all things wintery, so how about going to the ice skating rink? And that's what I decided to do. 

Gina skating the night away!

Gina skating the night away!

I looked up the nearest community ice rink and checked the hours for an open, public skate. It turned out that Cleveland Heights Recreation Center had the best date and times allowing me to have one of the best times that I had in a while. 

Skating to top 40 hits and a few 90s oldies, I skated the night away blister free. If you haven't gone ice skating yet or haven't ever, grab a friend and go. It's a great way to have fun! Black girls go ice skating!!!