Black Girls Love Fridays

Who doesn’t love Friday? The end of the week. The start of the weekend. The perfect time to explore what nightlife is like in the CLE.

When my homegirl called and asked me if I wanted to hang out, of course, I said yes. She’s that friend who makes my cheeks hurt because she’s silly and constantly cracking jokes. Then she asked where should we go.

I gave it some thought because this particular friend also likes to experience new and different things. I told her to meet me at Coquette Patisserie on Euclid in University Circle. A quaint bakery/wine bar, a little taste of Paris in the CLE. This place is great for a bite to eat, a sip of champagne, or Japanese bourbon, neat, which is what we had. (Great choice, but I can’t remember the name.)


Fridays4 Black Girl in CLE

The night was young and our stomachs were on empty, so we decided to make our way up Cedar to one of my favorite eateries, The Fairmount in the Cedar/Fairmount neighborhood. Their menu never disappoints and always satisfies. Their drinks are on point too. We dined, drank a glass of wine, and laughed at ourselves by their cozy fireplace.

The Fairmount BLack Girl in CLE
Fridays Black Girl in CLE

But we weren’t finished yet. We made one more stop in my neighborhood to a new establishment for a night cap. Shaker Cigar sits on Lee Road near Chagrin & Lee. It’s a chill spot where cigar smokers can puff and pass the time away.


Zoe Fridays3

My girl was the experienced one. She knew exactly the cigar she wanted and how to prep it. Me? I copied off of her, had somebody cut & prep it for me, and got a few smoking tips from the boys.


Zoe Fridays2 Black Girl in CLE

While it was a fun way to end my Friday, cigar smoking is not for me. It's not the kinda habit I’d like to acquire. Plus, it took me forever to smoke half of my cigar. I guess it looks cool to smoke them, but they stink and make your breath stink even more. Actually they make your whole being stink. I swear I was going to smell like cigars the rest of my life, ever after showering, brushing my teeth, and washing my hair!


All in all, it was a special night, smelling like a cigar hanging with my girl on a Friday in the CLE. What do you love about Friday? Where do you go to wind down in the CLE on a Friday? Let us know in the comments so we can check them out.