Black Girls Meet Waldo?

 A few weeks ago, I had a chance to check out the Where’s Waldo Bar Crawl on W. 6th street. I saw the event advertised on Facebook and just knew I needed to see what it was all about. I love beer and Waldo so it had the potential to be a good time. The problem was that I was slightly apprehensive because that part of W.6th is known to be more of the party/college crowd. When I frequent W.6th, I typically go to Bar Louie or the Nauti Mermaid. But despite my internal conflict, I decided to go and made my friend come with me.

The tickets were $10.00 on Eventbrite and the crawl was from 8-11pm.  The Registration was from 7-9pm at the Barley House. Here is where you received the Waldo glasses, a red mug for the drink specials, and the first 100 participants would get the Where’s Waldo hat. Everyone also received a colored wristband that indicated which group you belonged to and where your first stop on the crawl would be. Each group also had a tour guide who was wearing blue stripes and dressed like Waldo.

Here is more of what the night looked like...

  • Each bar had the same drink specials. Samuel Adams and Fireball cinnamon whiskey inspired shots or cocktails. The fireball mule was my favorite.  I wasn’t a fan of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch shot.

  • The crawl was also a scavenger hunt. Each bar had a hidden giant Waldo or Wando head with a gift card attached to it. Finders keepers.

  • The bars that participated in the crawl were Barley House, Dive Bar, Liquid, Nauti Mermaid, Tequila Ranch, and Velvet Dog.  

My group was kind of lacking in the diversity area. It was just me, my friend, and my tour guide. But as we left one bar and ventured out to the other, I could see that other groups had some diversity to them as well. The crowds were also diverse in age.

  • Most people don’t come to party on W.6th until 10 pm or later. Because of this, the bars that we went to were empty besides our groups participating in the crawl. It was for this reason that we tapped out at bar number three on our crawl and because we were hungry.

I would do this bar crawl again with a group of friends. I think that this type of event is perfect for those who want to find cool places to frequent whether you are new to Cleveland or just have never had the W.6th experience before. It’s early enough in the evening that you can truly take in what the Warehouse District has to offer without the overcrowding. Before this event, the only place that I had never been to was the Dive Bar. I must say that my favorite place of the night was the Barley House. It has changed dramatically from when I use to party on W.6th and looks more like a place that I would like to hang out at this age. So, here’s to another fabulous night in Cleveland, with Waldo and W.6th


Peace & Blessings,