Black Girls Party At Solstice?

The Cleveland Museum of Art Solstice party is the event of the year. Just in case you are wondering how hot it is, tickets usually sell out in one day. This was my first time attending Solstice and I can honestly tell you that I was blown away. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the vibrancy of the summer season than with international music fused with art.  If you’ve ever been to MIX at CMA then you’ve experienced what this vibe feels like. Solstice is the MIX times ten. It’s so cliché to say that you have to see it to believe it, but it’s true.

Here are few things to know about Solstice so that you will be ready to it add to the top of your summer bucket list of events next year.  


As anything with substance, you are going to pay for the experience. Members of CMA get a presale advantage and a discount for $75 tickets while the general public pays $90 per ticket. Once you purchase your tickets, you have the option to buy your food and beverage tickets in advance. Here's a hint- YOU WANT TO DO THIS.

The lines to purchase tickets to use for food and drinks were pretty long. You will spend at least 20-30 minutes in lines waiting to buy your tickets and then another 15- 20 minutes waiting for drinks.  This is something that I plan to do differently when I attend next year.


The event is from 8pm-1am so if you plan to drive, arrive as early as possible to get free street parking  The cost is between $10 to 15 dollars to park in one of the nearby garages. Some garages close earlier than others so keep that in mind as once you leave Solstice, there is no re-entry. I would suggest taking an Uber or Lyft if you can.


While the fashion at Solstice is one of eclectic nature, the overall theme is meant to be comfortable. I read an article on about what to expect for this event and the first thing mentioned was for ladies to leave their heels at home or if you must then wear wedges.

I am your example that even wedges are NOT a good idea either. A sundress or a romper with flat sandals is perfect.  You will thank me later for this advice. Don’t wear anything too fancy because you will be overdressed for sure. This event is meant for you to dance, enjoy the night, and take in the cool vibes of the summer. The same thing goes for men. While I saw a lot of interesting blazers, the overall dress for men was a polo with nice casual pants or shorts. Just remember the more comfortable you are, the more fun you will have.

Art and Music

This is where it becomes difficult to explain but trust me when I say that you NEED to experience this vibe. It is an intense sensory stimulation that will leave you feeling amazed or overwhelmed. There are two main stages, indoors and outdoors. The artists who performed were a mix of international sensations as well as local. I was standing in line and the power of the music had my hips swaying while my eyes were diverted to the color and pattern changes illuminating the building of CMA. It truly was like nothing that I have ever experienced before. There are also gallery tours that take place throughout the night so you can sign up for that as well. Whether you are indoors, outdoors, or viewing the galleries, remember you, have from 8pm-1am to take it all in so take your time.

Cover photo & this photo courtesy of Emanuel Wallace

Cover photo & this photo courtesy of Emanuel Wallace

I had such an amazing night at Solstice and I left with a feeling of rejuvenation. The visual and audio stimulation did something magical for me and I am looking forward to what this summer will bring.  We have longer days with the sunlight, more vitamin D giving us energy, and a great city to explore and enjoy. I have checked Solstice off of my CLE bucket list and I’m ready to conquer more. Thank you CMA for jump-starting my summer fun!

Peace and Love