Black Girls Play F#ck Boi Bingo?

What better way was there to make fun of the guys who took such pride in playing games with our hearts and time? 

This was my reason for going out at 10pm on a Friday night to the westside to play bingo.  

You can tell from the title that this is NOT your grandma’s kind of game. And for anyone who has unfortunately been exposed to the shenanigans of a F#ck Boi, you can understand my desire to see this thing through.

Photo courtesy of Yuzu via Facebook

Photo courtesy of Yuzu via Facebook

Game night took place at Yuzu on Madison Ave. in Lakewood. Of course, Shana came with me because again, THE TITLE.  We drove past Yuzu while looking for parking, and I could tell from the crowd that this was a quaint neighborhood bar whose game nights must be popular because the place looked packed.

As we walked in, I became concerned that we wouldn’t be able to find a seat. The bar area was packed and in the next room, it looked like all the tables were taken. We were instructed to try to find a seat while more bingo sheets were being made for those of us coming in.

Bingo YUZU3 Blackgirlincle

As we looked around and tried to see where we could get in where we fit in, we saw two black girls at a table with two extra seats. Shana asked if the other seats next to them were taken and to our relief, they weren’t. We were the only 4 black girls in the room so to me this was a divine sign that some serious black girl magic was about to happen.

Once Shana and I got our bingo sheets of F#ck Boi phrases, we fell out laughing. Almost everything on our cards I’ve heard before or one of my homegirls said happened to her. Our new friends, Janay and Jasmine, also got a kick out of their board phrases too. It was clear that we’ve all had f#ck boi problems before.

The entire room was buzzing, and I thought to myself, “We might look different, but this is the one universal thing we as women can understand, boys and men.

Time to Play

Our announcer was a guy, which I found to be hilarious given the name of the game, described how to play the game.For each round, all players had to use the same color of colored pencil. We would get a different color for each new round. Since our boards didn’t change, we had to be careful marking the phrases the announcer called.

In true F#ck Boi fashion, our announcer received a text message with a phrase to call out until someone won bingo. It was so funny watching him laugh at some of the phrases. Yes, it did sound bad when he said, “send nudes.”

However, it was all in good fun and everyone had a great time, even the men who played.  

a few of my favorite phrases on the bingo board.

“Hey u up?’’

“Sorry I’ve been busy”

An eggplant emoji

“I just want to have fun”

Those were a few of my favorite phrases on the bingo board.

BINGO YUZU2 blackgirlcle

We played four rounds and there were five winners total. While the prizes were not advertised, winners were walking away with bottles of alcohol. Not bad for dealing with F#uck Boi shenanigans.

The event was over by 11:15 pm and I honestly felt like that it was time well spent, even though we didn’t win. We had a great time getting to know Janay and Jasmine, eating Yuzu Fries, and drinking cider and beer.

Yuzu Lakewood Blackgirlincle

Yuzu has events like this almost every week. In fact, Mean Girls Trivia will be on Wednesday, December 20th. Did I mention that Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies? I can quote it. I will definitely be there ready to claim a prize.

So, if you like trivia and games like bingo, I encourage you to get to Yuzu with your friends. Check out their website or their events on Facebook to find what you like.  They have great food, good libations, and lots of fun.  Hopefully, I will get a chance to face off with you and your crew soon!

Peace and Love,