Black Girls Spell at Drunk Spelling Bees?

We found it.  Ready to go in an try my best

We found it.  Ready to go in an try my best

A few days ago, I participated in the National Grammar Day Drunk Spelling Bee at The Side Quest Bar in Lakewood. This was an event that I found on Facebook and it gave me the opportunity to try something that I normally would not do. Just as I suspected, it was a very interesting night.

The Side Quest bar is a unique gathering place for nerds to hang out and enjoy the things that they love. They focus on all things geek, nerd, and pop culture including craft beer, meads, and cocktails. So whether you’re into Star Wars, Harry Potter, or anything sci-fi, you would definitely get a kick out of this bar.

While we waited we played 80s trivia. Check out the Rainbow Brite menu

While we waited we played 80s trivia. Check out the Rainbow Brite menu

The walls are lined with board games and cards to play making it a perfect spot for game nights with friends. The tables are large enough that you can get a serious game of Uno or Bezzerwezzer on. I decided to sip on their delicious Butter Beer while I waited for the event to take place.

Prior to the event, all participants were notified by email about the rules and expectations of the Bee.

  • $15 was the cost to play. $5 would go towards the shot before each round.  $10 would be donated to the local PBS.

  • The shots were, of course, bee themed; lemonade, vodka, and honey. A shot would be taken at the beginning of each round before you had to spell.

  • There would be 1 host and 2 expert judges.

  • The words would be weird and raunchy with no origins given, but definitions and sentences would be provided upon request.

  • If you misspelled a word, you were out.

  • The winner would receive a prize and/or gift certificate.

  • Raffle tickets would be sold for a chance to win a limited edition Scrabble Board. Proceeds from the sale would also go to the local PBS.

The Spelling Bee commenced at 7:30. There were 16 spellers, including me. The host was wearing a bee costume and the hostess carried the tray of shots for each person to take before it was their turn to spell.

Round two...I got it right!!

Round two...I got it right!!

Here’s how nervous I was. I began spelling gnome; I started with a k and by the time I got to the letter o, my instincts kicked in. Chalking it up to nerves and liquid courage, I survived until round 3.

A-L-L-O-R-E-G-A-S-M-I-A was the word that I spelled wrong. I missed it by an L. For me to last that long was a success in my eyes. To watch the final contestants duke it out in a spell-off was pretty intense. One of the spellers misspelled a word and wanted to challenge everyone including Merriam-Webster because she felt she was right. It was serious.

Being a spectator was more exciting and you could tell that entire bar was enjoying all of it.  This was the perfect place to hold a spelling bee because of its uniqueness. My only complaint is that it wasn’t as diverse of a setting that I’m used to. But the people were great and my initial reservations were eased as the night went on. If you identify as a geek, a nerd, or you just like to have game nights with your friends, you should check out Side Quest.  I tried something new and met some pretty cool people. To top off a great night, I won the raffle. Looks like The Drunk Spelling Bee was meant to be.


Peace & Blessings,