Black Girls Stumble Upon A Free Concert?

You’re My Brown Eyed Girl, Fever All Through the Night, Soul Man, Strangers in the Night….

These are a few of the timeless classics that I was serenaded on a random evening at Public Square. I was downtown last weekend to satisfy my craving for a burger at Walburger’s Restaurant.

Walburger BlackgirlinCLE

I ate the Thanksgiving Burger, and  no, there’s nothing missing from this holiday feast, not even the cranberry sauce; it’s a light but filling turkey sandwich, a perfect take on “Thanksgiving.”

Too much food, time for a walk

After ingesting all those calories, I proactively took a stroll to walk them off. I started past Playhouse Square and crossed paths with people heading  to the various theatre performances that evening. I was told by a woman passing by that “The Book of Mormon” was playing at the State Theater. I told the woman a good evening and resumed my walk, this time towards Public Square.  

All the Lights...

By this time, dusk had set in and I was drawn closer and closer to Public Square by the beautiful lighting. Terminal Tower glowed in bold colors of red, white and blue,a salute to the Indians for their victory over the Kansas City Royals. The casino lights were inviting and looked like a red and gold fortress of luck. The mall area of Public Square was lit and gave the fountain more character as the water danced in the air.


But wait there’s more?

While I found myself mesmerized by the bright city lights, I suddenly was captivated by the sounds of Sammy Davis Jr.! Then I heard “Old Blue Eyes” aka Frank Sinatra, in the middle of Public Square.  Of course, it wasn’t the original Rat Pack, but it was a rare  performance by Dom and Russ: The Modern Day Rat Pack!  I listened and danced for two songs, thinking that would call it a night and head back to my car.

Dom and Russ from Black Girl in CLE

Bum bum bum...

 Then they played , Sweet Caroline and I found myself singing along with strangers. There were even  people singing from across the street. It felt “So Good, So Good, So Good” enjoying a FREE concert in the park on a Saturday night with strangers.  

BlackgirlinCLE Crowd size

Chairs were provided if you wanted to sit because you may have left your dancing shoes at home. Also, concert goers could purchase with beverages  including alcohol.  

I truly had a wonderful time and I could tell that everyone benefited by the concert being in such a central location like Public Square.  Even people that  stopped for a moment they walked away with a smile or singing aloud as they walked to their next destination.



Terminal Town from BlackGirlinCLE