Black Girls Swoon Over Trevor Noah?

It was the weekend of November 3 and I needed entertainment.  After perusing Facebook for an hour or so, I checked the local events in Columbus pages. To my surprise, I found that BAE, A.K.A Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, was performing at the Palace Theater in Columbus.  I instantly bought a ticket and said a prayer that Trevor and I could finally meet and get married.  

Since this was my first night out in a new city, I was a little nervous. What would I wear? What would the weather be like? Would I get lost? Where would I park? All these thoughts ran rampant through my mind.

After setting those thoughts aside, another onslaught of emotions came over me prompting me to ask why I had bought the tickets.  I mean, I knew Trevor was brilliant on television. He was charismatic and spot on with wit. How would he do on stage in front of a crowd in a different city? Would I still like him after hearing him deliver in person? (I mean, I’d still like him because of his looks because he will always be fine.)

Pardon, I digress.

Showtime rolled around, and parking was simple. I valeted, being the baller that I am, but honestly because I was running late; I didn’t have to hassle with finding a spot. I didn’t want to miss a minute of the show.  

Oh, yeah

My date for the evening was 6’3’, had a dark complexion and a nice haircut, was well-groomed, smelled like Creed, had a great job, 401k, no kids, took great care of his family, loved his mother but wasn’t a momma’s boy, and was a well-rounded decent human being.  

At least in my mind, that was my date. I went solo for the evening. No date, no problem. Besides, I didn’t want to ruin my chances with Trevor, you know.

The lights dimmed, and the show began. I had the best seat in the house - the last row, U, seat 234 up on the balcony, but hey, I was still in the house.  

Trevor was greeted with strong applause from the Columbus crowd. He graced the stage handsomely, wearing a black T-shirt, dark blue jeans with complimentary shoes.

Other than Trevor, only a chair, lights, microphone, and bottle of water were on the stage. He opened with political satire, which if you are familiar with his cable network show, you know how he drills into current events. Unbiased. Cunning. Addressing the many ways that America has fallen short of being it’s best society.   

Trevor nailed his jokes stating the conundrum the America and our 45th President are in. Now, Trevor loves 45 because 45 makes him laugh because of 45s unbelievable and un-adult actions, at the same time he’s enraged that 45 can embarrass and sadden a country when it needs its leadership the most.

Trevor did an excellent job commanding the stage and our attention for an hour and a half on his own.  Like the show, he managed to bring us to full laughter, and then bring us down to pensive moments making us think about the future. If you could have seen how one minute the audience had smiles plastered on their face and in the next, their faces were in deep thought pondering what he just said.

Although I didn’t meet Trevor personally, I met another side of him that I admired even more. He was a storyteller. A cultured person. A man with values that include making peaceful footprints around the world.  


My first night out, solo, in Columbus was a good time. Really, there wasn’t anything for me to worry about. BAE, thank you for an entertaining evening and enlightening me more. And you’re still fine.

**Trevor Noah will be performing at Playhouse Square in January. Click here for more info or tickets