Black Girls Take on Night Market CLE?

There was a pleasant breeze on the evening of July 28 as I walked to Night Market CLE. I met and chatted with someone about our experiences in CLE lately and the exciting events happening all around our city, including where we were headed.


Held June through September for the past 3 years, Night Market CLE showcases Asian culture of the neighborhood and has become one of the hottest destinations to explore during the summer months.

Popular in Asian cultures, and held throughout the world, a night market is an open air market considered to be more laid back and festive than a daytime market.

One hundred and three food, retail, and educational vendors under red tents hawked their wares to an eager crowd of market-goers. Most of these vendors were Asian and from the CSU campus district or the St. Clair/Superior neighborhood.

It was also space for a few startups to test the waters. Some of my favorite vendors were:

  • Thai Thai with their scrumptious pot stickers and grilled chicken on a stick

  • Simply Betsy and her assortment of natural soaps

  • Fresh Brewed Teas with a refreshing take on a bubble long island iced tea

  • Tour de Cleveland’s vintage Ford postal truck and CLE specialty items

Check out the complete list of July vendors.

Although the June 30th market was rained out, July 28th made up for it. Throughout the evening, an estimated 20-25k people showed up to experience the sights, smells, and sounds of the market. And it looks like everyone had a ball.

Along with the vendors, there were dance and musical performances by a number of groups and as the sun set, the market got a little more groovy.

Don’t fret if you missed Night Market CLE in July. There’s still August and September to experience the dynamism of this nighttime, outdoor market.

If you decide to go to the remaining 2 markets of the year (August 25 and September 29), here are a few tips to help you make the most of your experience.

  • Visit the website ahead of time to find out what vendors will be there.

  • Invite a few friends or make it a date night.

  • Take public transportation so you don’t have to deal with parking.

  • Wear comfortable shoes because you will be dancing and standing a lot.

  • Try foods that you’ve never eaten before.

  • Buy a special gift for yourself or a loved one.

  • Give the vendors a high five for contributing to our local economy.

Kudos to the organizers for bringing Night Market CLE to our city! Black Girl in the CLE can't wait to explore the market in August and September!

Photo Credits: Breanna Marie