Black Girls Try Gumbo?

The new dance party, GumboCLE reminded me of my love for the tasty dish gumbo. Jason Walker, aka DJ Walk, took the idea of mixing different musical ingredients to create a distinctive dance party. The flavor of the music mixed with the culture of our city made for a delicious night of dancing!

GumboCLE is held at Touch Supper Club every second Saturday of the month for only $5. DJ Walk told me that since Touch Supper Club is a huge supporter of the art of DJing, it was the right place for his new concept. In fact, they have two Technic 1200 turntables, a mixer, and a couple of huge speakers tagged with the sign “Do Not Touch the Equipment”! I danced by the booth so I can feel the bass and watch the DJ get into the groove. It was infectious!

The difference between this party and others at the Touch Supper Club was the live brass band. DJ Walk wanted to incorporate live New Orleans jazz with hip-hop, pop, R&B, and reggae so he asked William C. Washington, aka Bowtie Willie of Phatbone Productions to add a brass band ingredient to his gumbo. And can I say, these guys were great! The brass band caught my attention right away. They jammed to Beyonce, Biggie, and Bell Biv Devoe. It was so cool!!

Jason Walker, Allen Boseman, Brent Roach and Brandon White envisioned a party that didn’t feel like any other around CLE. By crossing cultural lines, creating a welcoming atmosphere with non-stop dancing, they set out to:

  • Bring Clevelanders together

  • Allow them to leave any pretense at the door

  • Equalize the audience by eliminating VIP sections and bottle service

  • Create an all night dance party in an old-school basement atmosphere

Plans for a ninth GumboCLE party are in place and a celebration of their first year anniversary is coming soon. I think it is truly exciting to see our city coming together to have affordable events for all to attend. I’ll be back and plan to dance until I can’t stand!

See you around town!