Caught up in the Mix: Cleveland Museum of Art

by Valencia Fowler

Hey black girls! One of my goals for this year is to get out more. As a creature of habit, I normally visit the same haunts whenever I decide to go out, which usually means going to a restaurant. But leave it to social media and their event alerts to give me a different idea. 

Last Friday I went to the Mix at the Cleveland Museum of Art. And it was everything! It’s an event held every first Friday of the month, fusing music, networking! And January’s mix started my new year off proper. 

Now let me back up a little. I’m an know, an introvert and extrovert combined. For me this means I make the best plans, but when it comes time to go, I chicken out. Which is what has happened every other time I clicked “going” on the Mix event Facebook alerts. 

But this time was different. I don’t know if it was the weather (it hadn’t snowed yet) or the fact that I saw that some of my social media buddies were going...or maybe it was me trying to hold true to a goal. Whatever the reason, I found myself rushing home from my 9-5, finding something cute to wear in my closet (which these days means all black, but that’s a totally different article) and made my way over to East Boulevard. 

First thing you should know is parking is cray. I don’t know what time people get there (the event is from6-10pm). I got there close to 8 and I circled the area multiple times before settling on parking at the Natural History Museum and walking to the Cleveland Museum of Art. It was a nice stroll because the weather was decent. (now that ole man winter seems to be here, in the future I’ll get there in enough time to park closer).

Secondly, the coatcheck line was also cray. I walked around aimlessly, looking for the line for the tickets and mistakenly stood in coatcheck. Haha! The ticket  line was a breeze and $15 later, I was headed into the middle of the Mix.

Thirdly, walking into the actual event can be a bit overwhelming for an ambivert/introvert such as myself. The lights are dimmed, strobe lights are going, the DJ is set up in the center, and the place is packed. Packed! People danced on the dance floor,  enjoyed each other’s company and swarmed the bar. Once inside it didn’t feel as packed as it looked. 

Tours of the museum/certain exhibits are available for the guests. If that’s not your thing, you can roam freely through some of the exhibits (some exhibits are an extra fee). I personally fancied Carl Pope Jr’s The Bad Air Smelled of Roses display. And a lot of people took selfies next to Andy Warhol’s portrait of Marilyn Monroe

I saw plenty of familiar faces, and some new faces as I walked the museum. The Mix offers great opportunities to mingle and network. It was honestly a good time had by all, at least from my vantage point. It’s party-ish enough for a girls night, romantic enough for a date night or enlightening enough for a solo night. It’s grown up, sexy and fun...sophisticated funk. 

A few FYI’s:

  1. If you’re planning on having a drink, bring cash. Even though there are multiple bars, some are cash only. 

  2. Eat first or plan on eating later. I foolishly thought there’d be food. There wasn’t. 

  3. Bring your friendly disposition. It’s too good of a night to deal with anyone’s foolishness .

  4. If you’re already a member of the museum, entry is free.

  5. If your feet in heels have a curfew, wear flats. 

  6. It’s $10 in advance and $15 the day of

The way I understand it, each Mix has a different theme. I can’t wait to see what February’s will be. Maybe I’ll see your face next month, or in the coming months, at the Mix. 

Valencia Joy is a divorced single mother of 2 young kings. As the boys are getting older and more self-sufficient, Valencia has been allowed to pursue some of her dreams and discover new joys of adulting. She is the writer and creative curator at, where broken women heal and healed women help. Her desire is that women break away from the stereotype that we can't get along. She fosters a safe space for women to gather, share and heal, using her testimony as proof that there is life after heartbreak. She is the host and mastermind behind HeyVeeTv, her youtube talk show, where she delves into deep discussions that affect women. She conducts Vee's Q's, a relationship column on Facebook, twice a week.. Like/follow her @sisheysis on IG and Twitter and @HeySis on Facebook, and also @heyveetv on all social sites.