Do Black Girls Flirt After Work?

Sure we do. But let me tell about a new way to do it…

On Thursday night, I attended the “Flirt After Work” event at Valo Restaurant put on by Brent Roach.

I attended a few events that he has thrown and I haven’t been disappointed. This event was free with registration on his website  The description said it was an interactive happy hour. But how Sway? Needless to say, I was beyond intrigued.

I arrived around 7:15pm and as I walked up to the door, I realized that I was nervous. I questioned myself like “Why the hell did I sign up for this? No one saw me. I should just go back home.” I pushed through the nerves and walked right into the sexy soulful atmosphere of Valo that I was familiar with.


There was an artist on the stage painting a black art picture on canvas, while the DJ was spinning a little of everything R&B. The vibe was incredibly dope! One of the hostesses had me sign in and gave me a name tag with a number in the corner.  She explained how the process worked and that I could sit anywhere until they were ready to start. So I slapped on my name tag and grabbed a seat at a table with a gentleman who sitting by himself. I introduced myself and made small talk while the hostesses made their way over to our area to begin the event.

We were separated into groups based off of the number on our name tags. On each table, there was a laminated list of great dating questions that we took turns asking each other. Questions like, “What’s your favorite first date spot?” or “What is the timeframe before being intimate with someone?” It was the perfect way to start conversations and see the similarities and differences in our answers.

At my table, there were 3 women, including me, and 2 men. We laughed, we drank, and talked about our jobs and the questions before us. There were jello and pudding shots provided and the host and hostesses interacted with us as well. I can say honestly say that we all had a great time because we continued to vibe even after all of the other tables dispersed.  

The thing I loved most about this event was that it brought us all together in such a unique way without any pressure. I don’t know if any love matches were made, but I walked away with some new connections and a few new perspectives about dating. Oh...and flirting? Yea I still got it. Until next time.


Peace & Love,