Black Girls Wear Makeup?

Sometimes I feel like I’m weird because I know nothing about makeup. I’m a lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara kind of girl who normally puts on makeup in the car. Makeup is one of the most girlish things to me. I love a beat face, but I don’t know how to beat mine nor do I have time.

On April 9, I attended My Makeup Doesn’t Make Me hosted by Breanna Aponte of Shameless Studios. For a ticket price of $25 attendees received a makeup tutorial, professional head shot, a high heel demo, giveaways, cocktails, and music by Yulissa.


I thought the makeup tutorial was dope because the instructor, Natica Harris (@so.blessed) made sure everyone applied their makeup correctly. Of course, I had no makeup to apply, but the lovely ladies I sat with had no problem sharing!

You’re probably thinking, “Why are you putting on makeup at an event called ‘My Make Up Doesn’t Make Me’?”  I thought that too. Breanna explained that the event wasn’t to promote not wearing makeup but to promote women feeling beautiful with or without it. Beauty isn’t defined by your outer appearance, but by the person you are inside. Makeup should enhance you and not change you. All the ladies applied their contour lines and took pictures to show we were the same with or without it.

There were a variety of small businesses there too and I wish I could’ve supported them all, but the way my bank account is set up I could only choose one. I went with Bella Grace Day Spa owned by Terri Peterson. My back had been killing me so it was kind of a no-brainer.


She gave 10-minute chair massages for $10. She also raffled off a free hour massage. The massage felt so good it took everything in me not to pay for another 10 minutes. I got up feeling so renewed and determined to win the raffle, but of course, I didn’t!

It ended with Yulissa playing music as Breanna gave instructions for her famous shameless strut.


I walked into My Makeup Doesn’t Make Me feeling like I had nothing in common with the fifty women there, but I learned that I did.

  • We became shameless, confident and comfortable in our skin by being our authentic and unique self.
  • We came together for a common cause, to learn love ourselves.
  • We can support each other even if we are complete strangers.

The other cool thing is now I know the difference between foundation and concealer which I always considered the same. If this event happens again, I’ll be there.