by I’Kisha Lang


July 22, 2019. Today Our city is 222 years young. Downtown Cleveland displayed  information tables and cupcake giveaways to celebrate it’s birthday. This took place this morning and footage was covered by many several news platforms.

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In Public Square there is a beautiful statue giving honor to the founder of our city, along with other monuments of honor. So if you happen to be in the area check out the landmarks of history. This city has grown from a population of 3 to over thousands. It has also grown in industry, popularity and became one of the most important industrial cities. Our city has been a home away from home for visitors and is a great feature to the United States. 

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Cleveland, formerly known as  “ Cleaveland” was founded by and named after General Moses Cleaveland through the Connecticut Western Reserve. Moses is from Connecticut where he studied at Yale College and fought in the Revolutionary war.

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From then, many events took place that caused the town to become a city flourishing with business and newcomers now known to be Clevelanders. We were apart of the birth of the MLB, our team was known as the Cleveland Blues and took on a name change to The Cleveland Indians years later. The city, like any other growing place, has had it’s downfalls.

Photo courtesy of Shana Black

Photo courtesy of Shana Black

Cleveland is known to be one of the “ All- America City” Cities. We have grown so much in business, in style, community, opportunity and so much more.

For more information of Cleveland’s History click here. It is full of fun facts of the city and also information stated above. 

Of course Shana took this pic, it’s what she does

Of course Shana took this pic, it’s what she does