Welcome and Hello, Bistro...

By CM Jenkins

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Beachwood is one of those neighborhoods that is a chain mecca. Want Mitchell’s? Beachwood. Want Cheesecake Factory? Beachwood. Want PF Chang’s? Beachwood.

With the Beachwood household considered to have some pretty high incomes it’s where people go to eat to say “I’m celebrating.” So imagine my surprise when I saw that nestled in between Bomba Tacos and Rum and OrangeTheory lies a delicious bounty waiting to be discovered, “Hello Bistro”.

Hello Bistro is so easy and delicious that it’s hard to imagine more east siders aren’t blowing the walls out and filling the space to the brim. It’s the perfect place to get a healthy salad, with a side of fries, and a homemade Fresca. When I say “Fresca” I don’t mean the Coca-Cola owned beverage I mean a classic Italian style drink.

Imagine ordering a salad with no limit to ingredients all for just $8.25. As someone who lived with a vegan for 7 years I was always looking for a place that I could get a burger and they could have a salad large enough to fill the void of hunger that we all experience.

Hello Bistro is that space. If you don’t have an idea for what exactly you want they have a selection pre-made salads for everyone. Whether you’re the classic summer salad type or the “I just love bacon and ranch” type they’ve got you covered. Oh, and don’t worry their burgers are pretty good as well.

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The burger patty used is a great example of premium beef without the need for flare. I got a burger with bleu cheese on it and instantly realized that this is a classic lettuce, tomato, pickle, and cheese style burger. The meat doesn’t need to be drowned out with bacon or BBQ sauce, and that’s a bonus. I occasionally eat my burgers without the bun and need a flavor that can hold it’s own. So the burger works.

Now, as anyone should know I LOVE FRIES. If fries were a person I’d marry it and then immediately go to jail for manslaughter. Fresh cut french fries and some good salt on top is almost it’s own layer in heaven and Hello Bistro has that. Fries cut fresh daily and then fried to a crisp perfection. *muah* “Tesoro!” *clears throat* In other words I found the fries to be an absolute treasure.

Here’s where it gets sad. Not enough people are in this delicious slice of “yum”. From a customer service stand point everyone was polite and welcoming and from a worker stand point I could see and hear them occasionally laughing. Eat food cooked by happy people (that energy transfers over, believe me).

Based out of Pittsburgh this chain hasn’t found it’s Cleveland. Which is what we can all use from time to time. A place to grab a quick bite to eat without people lingering or drowning in a surrounding so loud you cant think. Oh, and if you’re in a rush or just want to go home they have a pick up station for your online order. (Which you can get a discount on from the bottom of this review).

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It’s not a date spot but an easy going spot. If you’re like me I’m always looking for places to clear my head and just relax. The atmosphere lends to that, and they make a good effort to make sure you’re “doing great” without berating you with questions.

So give it a try, and help give them a better home in Cleveland.