Black Girls Discover Hullabaloo?

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Hullabaloo? Fashion? Yellowcake? Valerie Mayen? Me? I’m pretty sure I was out of my element when this event came to me. Being the least fashionable of Black Girl in the CLE, I’ll admit I was curious about the Hullabaloo Pre-Show.

So what is Hullabaloo?

Hullabaloo is an annual fashion show and fundraising event showcasing the clothing of Yellowcake Shop.  Yellowcake Shop is a Cleveland based business owned by Project Runway alumna Valerie Mayen.

Yellowcake shop Blackgirlincle01

This year’s show will show  30 looks from the new “Of a Kind” line and will be held October 7th at the Rockefeller Park & Greenhouse. Besides food, drinks, and music, the event will feature an opportunity to purchase merchandise, Yellowcake fashions as well as a chance to win a piece of clothing for the Yellowcake.

Prepping for the pre-show

Zoe was super excited about the chance to go to Hullabaloo. She couldn’t make it to the pre-show event so that left Chauna and me to learn everything about Valerie Mayen and Yellowcake.  As the event got closer one big question loomed in our head.  What do you wear to a fashion event?  

The clothes of Yellowcake

Stylish and sleek are the way I would describe the clothes of Yellowcake. It’s one thing to shop online and be brave enough to purchase when you really don’t know what you’re getting. The pre-show was a great way to see, feel, and try on the clothing.

Yellowcake BlackgirlinCLE03

Sizes range from 2-2X so there was something for everyone. Keep in mind that high-end fashion carries a unique quality that is only available online or in boutiques. You can expect the price tag to be more on the expensive side, but you’ll get what you pay for.

Love this jacket...

Love this jacket...

The event

The pre-show was supposed to take place at FWD Day + Night Club but was moved to Magnolia because of the threat of rain.  Once inside, it felt like a fashion show. People sat on couches. Chairs lined the would be runway, and people explored all of the amazing clothes on display and on sale at the event.  

Hullabaloo Pre-show Blackgirlincle01


Not only was this a fashion event, but it was a community outreach for an organization called L’Arche Cleveland whose goal is to create communities that welcome people with intellectual disabilities. The ladies from L’Arche Cleveland passed out information about their organization and cookies to the guests.

In addition to being privy to the upcoming Hullabaloo Fashion Show, representatives from Aveda answered questions about their line of products and offered guests free samples to try.

Aveeda samples

Aveeda samples

Valerie Mayen

Chauna and I met Valerie; she was cool and down to earth.  We talked about the event and the new season of Project Runway. We also talked about our shared experience as Girl Scouts. She was one until the 9th grade. It was great meeting her and learning about her passion for fashion and helping others, clearly signified at the Hullabaloo Pre-Show.

If you have a passion for fashion and serving others, you should check out Hullabaloo coming in October. Visit the website to learn more and purchase tickets before they sell out.