Review: Inca Cafe…and Bar!

by CM Jenkins

Inca Cafe and Bar, I get it

New things open all the time in this city and that's pretty awesome. The problem is, how do you know which ones to go to? At Pinecrest it’s just as easy to spend $100 on a meal as it is to spend $10. I lean more towards the $10 range myself.

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So it’s no surprise that when Inca Cafe and Bar opened I giggled with glee while reading prices. At just $7.50 for a sandwich with a side salad, I can’t find a reason to not go. Not to mention the breakfast sandwiches are $4 a piece with a fresh crack egg and well toasted bagel.

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The interior is absolutely stunning with walls covered in a variety of moss designs. Even the script writing of the name is filled with it’s own little ecosystem. The chairs are uncomfortable though, they are designed to look like bamboo style twisted chairs. As being a size 16 and not a size 6 they felt unsteady. (Can’t win at everything now can we?) 

Let’s talk food! The flavors are a mish mosh (the name of one of their bagel options) of flavors and some were perfect and others just needed some salt. The Turkey sandwich has a mixture of garlic and mustard that keeps it from needing help.

I got this sandwich on their herb bread and it carries well. With the combination of red onions and crisp lettuce, the crunches were pleasant.

The crispy prosciutto sandwich is their version of the BLT. The prosciutto is cooked like bacon and then added to avocado, lettuce, and tomato. I picked sourdough for this one. The issue here though is that smashed avocado needs salt and pepper. Without the fat or salt that bacon provides to the classic BLT, the prosciutto is required to do a lot of work. If you get this one grab some salt and pepper and you should be set.

For “breakfast” the classic sausage, egg, and cheese did not disappoint. The egg is cooked to medium so if you aren’t a fan get it hard fried. When cut for a cross section this sandwich was simply stunning. This sandwich came with fresh cracked black pepper on the egg but once again lacked salt. Overall though if the major issue is salt, just add it yourself or ask for extra. It could be just my palette and not yours.

All of the sandwiches come with a side salad. It’s arugula with cherry tomatoes and it’s tough but gorgeous. Someone has taken the time to put pepper on this blend for you and it comes with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. The person who joined me said “This tastes like when you don’t shower for three days and you smell that must.” Ha! In other words if you don’t like arugula or balsamic that flavor combination is not for you. Ask for a different side

Just running in? They offer a local variety of baked goods, cookie dough, and more. It’s nice to see them support local so much. Now, if you’re a tea person don’t panic when you see the jars of tea exposed to the light. The drink I ordered came from a proper tin without exposure to the light.

I got an iced version of tea from the “rain” machine. Because yes. It takes about two minutes to brew this way but watching the tea fill up in the vacuum tube and then spray down is pretty cool. Not to mention the air being sucked out helps create a pure taste.

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I did not imbibe though. If you go and grab a cocktail let me know what you get and how it was.

My drink and sandwich combined came to a total of $10.75. Not bad for a meal at Pinecrest

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