Black Girls Explore Ingenuity Aquatique Bal?

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending Ingenuity’s Bal: Aquatique hosted by Ingenuity Cleveland, well known for their annual Ingenuity Festival.

Photo by Breanna Kulkin

Photo by Breanna Kulkin

Ingenuity Cleveland is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to showcasing collaborative innovation through technology and art. The festival brings in tens of thousands who long to see the fusion of these two worlds come to life. The ball is one of the many ways that they raise funds to support their mission as they pour into the community throughout the year.

I’d never attended any of Ingenuity’s events, but I’ve heard many great things about them. I had an amazing experience at the ball and want to highlight the reasons why you’ll want to be there next year.

  1. Creative Space - The fusion of art and technology is the specialty of Ingenuity Cleveland. The experience of walking into the ball was something out of a movie. It was such a visual masterpiece full of tropical colors, including hammocks and swings. Did I forget to mention that the theme was a deep sea wonderland?

The head of a giant shark greeted us when we entered the black lit room with paintings of mermaids and other sea creatures. Dressing in costume was the best part. Being in that space with other cool costumes made me feel like I was truly in a whole new world. Who would have thought that you could create such cool and vibrant space within an old warehouse?

Photo by Breanna Kulkin

Photo by Breanna Kulkin


  1. Networking - Usually at an event like this, networking is the last thing that I’m thinking of. To my surprise, it was actually the perfect place to meet new people. I went to the event solo and wasn’t sure what to expect. I met a variety of people from board members, volunteers of the events, and others who have actually become friends. The crowd was mixed with younger, older, and different ethnicities. It was easy to talk over the music and the crowds because it was such a large space that the sound wasn’t overpowering.


  1. Live Entertainment - What ball would be complete without live music? The schedule of band performances started with a trio of dancers that wowed the crowd with their moves. FunkYardX, the headliner, provided a perfect mix of funk and soul that brought the house down. The dance floor was packed as everyone was singing, dancing, and vibin’ with the band.

Photo by Breanna Kulkin

Photo by Breanna Kulkin


  1. Open Bar - Access to the open bar all night long was included in the ticket price. Let me first off applaud the bar staff because they worked super hard to continually serve all of the guests.

Watershed Distillery, Pope’s Kitchen, and Goldhorn Brewery provided drinks for the night. I loved the way these Ohio-based companies partnered by serving up specialty drinks based on the aquatic theme. I didn’t deviate from the Buried Treasure, one of the specialty drinks for the night.

Now that I’ve had a chance to truly experience an Ingenuity event, I’m looking forward to the festival this September. I love when I go to an event and it turns out to be better than what I expected. I even put ingenuity into my costume and it became an evening that I will never forget. Hope to see you there next year.

Peace and Love,