Black Girls Paint Mandala’s in the Dark?

Last Tuesday night, Gina and I attended our first blacklight painting experience. This was a little different from the typical paint night events that I've attended in the past because the dark setting and the black light used. The colors on the canvas were bright and the special light gave our artwork a neon glow.

Hosted by Artsy Cleveland, the tickets cost $25. The price included all painting materials, an apron, glow sticks, and complimentary champagne.

Artsy Cleveland held this Black Light Paint Night at the Speakeasy at Quintana’s Barber and Dream Spa in Cleveland Heights.

As soon as I walked in, it felt like I stepped right into the 1920’s. A secret doorway, low lighting, old-fashioned furniture, and a quaint bar made the atmosphere perfect for this event


Mini art easels with black canvases and a paint wheel awaited us once we took our seats. Our instructor Ana Bell gave us aprons and glows sticks before we began our painting journey. She explained the purpose of the Mandala and its relaxation benefit.

Mandala's start out very simply with circles, one large then one inside of that one.  After we started with those basic shapes, we made a cross in the middle of the innermost circle so that our work would be symmetrical. Ana Bell created a beautiful flower challenging us to explore using her method or one of our own.

It was very easy to vibe to the music playing while being in that creative space. It was truly a relaxing experience; Gina and I agreed that it was very therapeutic. I continued to paint my Mandala with the same safe shapes while Gina’s created an artistic dream.

The room was so quiet at one point Ana Bell decided to ask everyone to go in a circle and talk about where they worked to make it a more interactive class. Our group was diverse in age, gender, race, and occupation. It was a really cool experience that we definitely do again.


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All finished. What do you think???

All finished. What do you think???