November Holiday Flea

Before I start, let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I love shopping small.  I own a small business that helps small business owners and enjoy getting to talk to and support the makers and doers in our community.

On Sunday, November 18, 2016, I went down to the Masonic Auditorium to the November Holiday version of the Cleveland Flea.  When I arrived, there were lots of construction paper signs pointing me in many directions.  While I had planned to shop and look around, I was also going to support my friends at Fear’s Confection and Pope’s Kitchen Plus I was super hungry so I was hoping to get some Poutine Pierogies that I had seen on the Flea’s Instagram post earlier that day. 

Cassandra Fear of Fear's Confections

Cassandra Fear of Fear's Confections

As the signs pointed me downstairs, I decided to go up the stairs first and work my way down.  At the top of the stairs, I met Cassandra from Fear's, all set up at her stand.  Next to her was Clark and Steph from Pope's.  (How cool was that?  I'd already accomplished my main goal).  I talked with both friends and bought my sponge candy from Cassandra before moving on.  While upstairs I went into the main auditorium.  Inside the auditorium were more food vendors.  I bought a peanut butter frosted Brewnut, ginger cookies and a frozen quart of Italian wedding soup. I talked with the vendors and tasted the samples at each table. I then went over to the pierogi table, but they were sold out of Pierogi Poutine. 

After leaving the auditorium with all my snacks, I walked around the Flea. There were lots of furnishings and Christmas decorations for sale.  At one station, there were vintage  books and toys, including an old school Lite Brite in the box.  After walking around and taking in the sights, I remembered the signs when I came in and went downstairs. 


Downstairs were more vendors.  There were people selling crochet cozies that feature local designs and a lady selling really cool bags that started at $125.  I stopped and spoke with two of the 4 black vendors that I saw in the venue. (there might have been more but I only remember four vendors) They were at the Flea selling Cleveland t-shirts for $16. I also spoke with a really cool guy who was selling coasters. 


After walking through the entire Flea, I realized that I was not moved to buy anything else besides my snacks. This made me sad until I remembered that when I went to the summer Fleas, I would often only buy food there as well.  I know I will continue to go to the Flea, but I don’t think the non-food portion is for me.  Oh, well... until next time.




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