Playhouse Square Partners Dine Around: SoHo Chicken + Whiskey

Every month, Playhouse Square Partners holds a Dine Around in various locations of Cleveland.  As member, I am very familiar with the routine. You are given four restaurant options and asked to rate them 1-4 with 1 being your preferred location and 4 being the last option. So when I found out that it was going to be in Ohio City, I was very anxious to see what my options were considering it’s a place I frequent more often than not. When I received the email of the restaurant choices, my eyes went straight to SoHo. I mean what else could possibly top chicken and whiskey??  Exactly…nothing!

On the day I received confirmation of SoHo being my designated restaurant, I decided to check out the menu. Two reasons: I’m greedy and I wanted to know what I was getting in to! As I glanced over the menu and realized that it was soul food, I knew it was meant to be. I decided on two possible choices and it was only noon.

A little after six pm, my friend and I walked in to meet our group for dinner. The atmosphere and diversity was amazing. There were quite a few people at the bar area and about 5-7 tables filled with patrons already.  I was beginning to wonder why I had never ventured here in all of my outings on W. 25th. I could see the patio from where I was sitting and made a mental note to make this my first W. 25th venture for next summer.  From the light fixtures and dark walls to the booths with the original brick behind them and the wooden faux-lit tabletops, it gave you an ambiance of southern comfort and wanting to wind down and just enjoy yourself.

The waiter took our drink orders and brought back biscuits with apple butter sauce for the entire table. As the waiter took our meal orders, I realized we all had the same mindset and ordered something along with deep fried chicken. I chose the Late Night Chicken Dinner. It came with both thigh and breast, mac & cheese, collard greens, and comeback city barbecue sauce. The skin of the chicken was so crispy and crunchy while the chicken itself was very tender and moist. This is because they brine their chicken instead of using buttermilk like most folks. It was absolutely delicious! As I looked around, I couldn’t help but admire the satisfaction on everyone’s face. I came, I saw, and I took home leftovers because I couldn’t have possibly finished all of that food! I was very impressed with SoHo and I’m sure you will be too.


Peace & Love,

Disclaimer: Although Both Chauna and Shana are members of the Playhouse Square Partners this blog was not sponsored by Playhouse Square Partners and is totally the opinion of Chauna.