Pure Mvmnt: The Finale

How do you wrap up an amazing series like this? It has been a pleasure to be coached by Anjua Maximo and Nikki Costa for the last six weeks in Pure Mvmnt’s SPARK series. This level one training into pole dancing and sensual dance has been an eye opening experience for me and I think for my Circle Sisters as well.

Week 5 of our session was dedicated to us focusing on the moves and being empowered by our teachers to believe in our abilities. Anjua told us to have fun, run to the pole and whatever happened when we got there, let it be. So we rapid-fire charged the poles one after the other then swung, twirled or flew! It was so much fun and a perfect release to prepare for practice. After this invigorating exercise, we reviewed each of the tricks we learned and rehearsed each on our right side then our left. They were repeated until each started to feel more natural to us.

The sensual dance came up after a short break. We were able to “peel off” any item of clothing we desired. This was run through a couple of times to make sure all had a chance to dance.

I have to say, I was sweating and whipped by the end of the 90-minute class. There was very little down time. The only time was when we were cheering on our Sister as she performed. Staying engaged, holding the space and being present for our Sisters is essential to this series.

Both Nikki and Anjua commented how our group became Sisters early on in the process. We shared our stories and became vulnerable because there was an implied trust there. It really was our place of solace. Our sanctuary. Our safe haven.

Week 6 was performance day! We gave our all for our teachers. The room was LIT! We strutted to the poles. We had laser-sharp focus for the task at hand. We freely gave pieces of ourselves. But the best part of it all for me was to see our teachers dance for us! I can hardly explain the beauty in what they did for us. As I watched each teacher dance, I felt as if she had left us behind and was in her own personal Queendom. There was no one else there be her. She dance for herself. She didn’t need us to cheer, hoop or holler for her. She did it because she had been set free.

Why take this series? Pure Mvmnt made me see myself differently. I hated the word “sexy” because when I was in a relationship, my partner called me that but it never made me feel beautiful. I felt like property. I felt like “a piece of meat.’ I felt less of a woman. I realize now that I turned off my sensual side. I turned my feminine power because I didn’t want it used against me. But they helped me to see that this is MY body. It is my choice to walk, fly or dance the way I want. Our coaches told us over and over that we never have to dance for anyone else and if we decide to dance, they have to be worth it.

I didn’t realize what they meant until I sat down to write this final blog in the series. I reflected that I have the control and the power over my body, my movements and my sensuality. It is mine. It was given to me. It is my gift to share if I deem to so do.

Thank you ladies of Pure Mvmnt for helping me to learn what true self-empowerment really is! I think each one of us knows a little more of what you meant when you told us this in the beginning.

To find out when their next series is scheduled, go to their website at http://www.grooveryde.com/puremvmnt/ and also visit their pages to see their class schedules and workshops.