Sponsored: Pure Mvmnt Part 2: Acrobatic Pole Dancing

Falling into Faith as the tears flowed.

Nikki Costa, one of the SPARK coaches at Pure Mvmnt, opened class with questions asking how did we talk to ourselves the prior week. Were we loving and positive or indifferent and judgemental? Would we talk to our sister, girlfriend, or daughter the way you talk to ourselves? Then why is that our self-talk?

Why? That’s the all-encompassing question. We were silent. We had to think about the answers. There are so many reasons why. But we all knew it needs to stop.

Pure Mvmnt is not only teaching us new acrobatic tricks but how to feel empowered and willing to reconstruct ourselves into the women we want to be!

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Week 2 of the six-week SPARK Series started off with us in our “Circle of Sisters”. Each woman shared her struggles from the past week. There was a breakup that happened the night before and it did not end amicably. There was judgment towards a friend’s new boyfriend. There was insecurity caused by a pimple!

On Sunday, January 15th, we learned to Fall into Faith! We swung around the pole again but this time we would be falling forward!

Let me tell you, the Siren trick was scary! We hooked one leg around the pole behind our knee. Then held the pole with the hand on that same side. Finally, we lean forward away from the pole then grabbed it with the other hand as momentum swung us forward with our legs tucked behind! What a rush!!

Again I did it! I ran to my journal and wrote down, Falling into Faith! I had to have faith to do this. I had to have faith in something I could not see myself doing. I had to have faith that my coaches knew it was possible for me.

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This entire journey is about faith and hope. We are all transforming into something. Maybe it is like the butterfly’s metamorphosis. Maybe it is like an artist creating a dynamic new piece. Maybe it is like the final edit of a story. Each one of us has a story. Heather allowed me to share hers.

Dancer. Performer. Choreographer. She loves to move. It is what she’s always been, done. But now Heather’s movements have to save her, to heal her, to find herself again. She, like 4 of the eight of us, has been in a relationship that needed to end so she could live. We all escaped emotionally destructive relationships. Heather is one of them.

Heather cries every week. She apologies for crying. We reassure her that she’s safe and it is okay to be emotional and cry. We had know idea of what she had been wrestling with but we would listen when she was ready to share.


Heather is ready now. She recently got out of a verbally and physically abusive relationship. Since leaving, she lost herself. She made herself small, invisible. Heather didn’t want to take up space. Hiding was a way of coping. So why SPARK?

Anjua Maximo’s buti yoga class drew Heather to SPARK. After weeks of contemplating, she decided to see if movement would heal and repair her after living a terrorized life. So she signed up, but little did she know that it would not be as easy as she hoped or expected! The mat work made her angry at herself. The self-talk was loud. It was persistent. It was effacing. Heather didn’t like moving slowly. Didn’t like the dark room. Didn’t like having her eyes closed. She didn’t feel sexy, at all!

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Like Heather, I too lived in an emotionally destructive relationship for several years. It took an intensely long time for me to feel whole, complete, confident again. But it did come. It will come for Heather and the others, too.

Pure Mvmnt is a therapeutic balm. They are not counselors, but coaches. They are women who have walked through the fire themselves and now that fire sets a SPARK in our lives!

Yes, black girls do acrobatic pole dancing again.

See you around town!