Our Rock and Roll Experience

by I’Kisha Lang

 Cleveland, Ohio is known for one of its significant attractions. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It’s given us a chance to experience some of the world's most famous musical artist. The Hall of Fame showcases the fashion, sound and roots of many music genres. They all helped give birth to the world's culture of music as we know it today. Music is the adapter connecting diverse cultures. 

  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame experience was special to me. With it’s creative displays of clothing and instruments there were several key attributes that stuck out to me. Along the walls of the museum were written the quotes of African-American singers and rappers. Some gave words of affirmation, encouragement and even told of the hardships it took to go through as a society. There were also quotes of disapproval of white artists taking on the style of black music.

“Rock and Roll is a means to pulling the white man down to the level of the negro. It’s a plot to undermine the youth of our nation.” Spoken by Secretary of North Alabama, 1956. So even in our innocence we were proven guilty. 

This was important because today we live in a desensitized culture that barely gives ear to the black community at large. In a world where the way we look and sound gets recognized but what we say is not valued. But through all of this, music was the outlet that gave us permission to openly express what life was like living in a black body.

Music was the weapon of our warfare. It’s in our blood. Music was the doorway for our built up aggression and love and emotions to be filtered through. It gave us the hope of being heard, that somebody just might take heed and understand. Artist are sure they’ll be heard and felt for the majority. This is my confidence because music has access to move you without your permission. 

The Hall of Fame is open and free for City of Cleveland residents, which I do recommend you go visit. Visiting the museum gave me an unforgettable reality check and an interesting sight and ear for music birthed through the high times of the Black community. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is not just an unveiling of music but of history that is connected to you. 

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