Black Girls See Something Rotten?

Something Rotten, the sixth show in this year’s KeyBank Broadway Series at Playhouse Square, is a contemporary musical that takes in the 1560’s during the Renaissance.

The story is about Nick and Nigel Bottom who are desperate for a hit play, and looking to emerge from the shadow of the “rock star” playwright William Shakespeare. The story follows the Bottom brothers on their hilarious quest to create the first musical.

I got to meet Karey Kirkpatrick, one of the composers of Something Rotten. So cool!!

Last year, Chauna and I met the composers at Playhouse Square’s Broadway announcement last year. While the show sounded interesting, I was not prepared for how much I would enjoy it.

Something Rotten is a very, light-hearted musical that pokes fun at what we know about theater, musicals, and Shakespeare. It’s the perfect musical to see if you’re not sure you’re into musicals or hated reading Shakespeare when you were in school.


Here 4 simple reasons why you should see Something Rotten.

1. Broadway’s Memory Lane- While many musicals are classics and revered, Something Rotten pays homage to many of the big names shows, such as Rent, Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, and many others.

You’ll recognize many of the song melodies and character descriptions from those shows too. On the way home from the show, we tried to count how many other broadway shows were referenced.

2. Big Performances- There are a few large-scale performances throughout the show. The opening song does a great job of relaxing you into your seat and setting the stage for the events.  

The song, A Musical, is funny captivating and made me feel like I was watching something from the Golden Age of Hollywood. There’s even a tap dance battle reminiscent of a scene from a certain 80’s television show that many of us loved growing up. (Check out the Something Rotten soundtrack on Amazon music)

3. Fun Reminders- Something Rotten is a fun reminder of what you learned and thought you forgot in high school. From Romeo and Juliet, iambic pentameter, the Puritans, and even the plague, you’ll be amazed what you remember.

4. Lots of LOL- I can’t express how much I enjoyed this show. I believe it is the best show of this current season and it ranks in my Top 5 Broadway Shows.  

Something Rotten is playing in the Connor Place at Playhouse Square until May 14th.

Have you seen Something Rotten? What did you think? What are you favorite Broadway shows?