Sorry, Please Continue: Birthdays

So this was a pretty weird experience. I knew going in that it would be a storytelling event but this one was set up differently. My friend picked me up because I wasn’t feeling the greatest and my medicine was making me loopy so I thought I shouldn’t be driving. We headed towards Cleveland Heights to the B-Side Liquor Lounge & Arcade on Coventry Road. We parked in the school’s parking lot and walked across the street to the spot. Once we got there I tried to use my flirtatious smile and connections to get in for free, but I failed. So we showed our IDs and paid the $5. The guy handed back our driver’s licenses and we went down the stairs.

When we got downstairs I saw our other friend and I asked her if were we late. She told me that the show hadn’t started and they were waiting on someone but would begin in five minutes. I took that opportunity to go check out the staging. There was a couch with three microphones laying on it and a stool with a mic stand placed in front of it. Of course I took the chance to be silly and pretend like I was the MC for the night. Hehe. I picked up the microphone and greeted the audience then posed for a picture. We found a place to sit and waited for the action to start. To our surprise this was another podcast. I need to do a bit more research before heading out to new events. This show has a cast of three “comedians” that will interrupt the storyteller as they attempt to tell their story based on the predetermined theme. Tonight was about messed up birthday experiences. First up was The CLECast podcat’s own Brian! He told the story of his husband’s first birthday party that was upstaged by Brian’s marriage proposal.


He totally rocked the story with all the right elements to keep the audience engaged. Now the other three storytellers...not so much. To be honest they were terrible. The host did his best to save them with quirky interjections and probing questions, but to no avail. The only storyteller who was close to having a decent set was a young lady who unfolded a tale about her father abandoning her family for another women but having an adorable younger half brother who now blurs gender roles when he plays football in painted nails. Overall we felt as if these stories would have been better served on a therapist’s couch. Good gracious!


The best part about the night was the black coalition that showed up with an older freaky sister who heckled the comedian when he spoke of having a three-some on his 22nd birthday. And  then me learning what PBR stands for.

Let me tell you the story. I went to get a couple of cups of water because my throat was still hurting from this cough I have and liquor wouldn’t mix well with me pain medicine. So when the guy next to me ordered a PBR, I asked the bartender what that meant. He told me with disdain in his voice and a sideways look in his eye: Pabst Blue Ribbon beer (idiot, I hear him say in his head) Ohhhhh, was my response. I must be old because back in the day, black folks just called it Pabst. As I looked around I began to notice that the B-Side was full of product placement! Pabst was painted on the wall, displayed at the bar and in most of the attendees’ hands! Sometimes I’m just slow.

Mural at B-Side

Mural at B-Side


Overall the night was a bust. We left after the last act. I asked for my money back but the bouncer told me sorry, but no. Once I got home I pulled my driver’s license out of my pocket and noticed my friend’s face looking back at me. Oh well, so goes another night around town.

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