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Black Girls Dance for Themselves?

When I started this journey four weeks ago, I thought it would be a fun opportunity. I had taken a few drop in classes at Pure Mvmnt as well as their lap dance workshop, so I thought I had an idea of what this series would be like for me. But I was wrong.

I’ve been wrong a lot lately! I feel that God has been teaching me lessons. One lesson is not to think I know what is up ahead for me. Another is to plan and be prepared but open for where the passage is taking me.

On January 29th, our group was told to bring a button down shirt that we would slowly unbutton during the sensual dance. Each week we’re taking off layers of clothing, but more importantly we’re removing the layers of ourselves that hold us back. We’ve been removing the hurt, insecurity, and doubt.

What is really deep down in us is not always seen by us, but can be seen by others. We don’t always see the beauty, or the strength. We may not know there’s grace and confidence. We dismiss the elegance and assurance.

When Kelsey started to walk around the pole, I took her picture. She couldn’t see what I saw: a stunning, shapely, statuesque woman! She was sexy. She was strong. She was sensational! But Kelsey didn’t see this until I showed her the photos. She said, “Wow! That’s beautiful!”

Kelsey is 24 and works at a popular athletic apparel store. She’s familiar with the local yoga studios, spin cycle classes, and personal trainers around town. When she’s not working at the store, she coaches CrossFit at two local gyms. So she’s not new to the fitness industry. So why SPARK? Kelsey needed a way to disconnect from all of this and enjoy herself more.


Finding a space to feel comfortable in her own body was calling out to her. Since she had experienced Pure Mvmnt through drop-in classes and workshops too, Kelsey believed SPARK would help her to really fall in love with herself, imperfections and all.

SPARK has allowed Kelsey to get out of her head and into her body. It has encouraged her to “just let go.” She is finding comfort in her body, and even embracing it. This is only the beginning. She will continue her journey into the next level: RISE!

What I am learning is that I am not alone in my odyssey of self-awareness. Women need a circle of friends, confidants and sisters who see us not how we see ourselves, but see us how we should see ourselves.

Pure Mvmnt is more than a fitness facility that offers pole dancing and buti yoga; it’s a sanctuary for women. No matter if you’re physically fit, out of shape, or in between, they coach you to live the life you hope and wish for through physical movement. They know that being physically healthier can lead to being mentally healthier.

We practiced all of our tricks again, and I realized that I am most comfortable with the Hummingbird. Probably because it was the first trick we learned. But I was cheered on by my partner as she took my video and photos. She made me feel safe so I knew I could do it.

Finally during the sensual dance, after spinning around the pole, we slowly unbuttoned one of the three buttons we had fastened. The heat had turned up! The tease had begun. We unbuttoned another. Our confidence soared until we rolled from our backs to our stomachs, pushed up to our knees and slowly unbuttoned the last button before flinging the shirt to the side.

Anjua and Nikki tell us every week, that we never have to dance for anyone. If AND when we decide to dance for someone, they better be worth it!

Yes, Black dance for themselves.