Sponsored: Pure Mvmnt Part 3: The Art of the Peel

We were told to bring or wear a shirt to peel off during the final sensual dance. Whoa! Was I ready for this? I wasn’t quite sure if I was sexy enough to pull it off!

We started the 3rd session with a check-in discussing how we felt from last week to this one. Our group was a bit bigger because of students from RISE taking a makeup class. These women had already completed SPARK. They commented on our strong sisterhood and how we supported each other.


Anjua paired us off. We sat on the floor facing each other and were instructed to look into each other’s eyes and hold the space for each other. Some of us giggled, some of us cried, some of us fought to stay focused on the other. Holding space for each other wasn’t that easy.  


I was paired with a woman from RISE, so I didn’t know her. It was difficult for me to hold the space that day because my mind kept wandering. I did my best to stay strong for her during the exercise.


After we had returned to our circle, we shared how we felt and what we saw. My partner said that she saw in my strength and confidence and that it made her aware of her desire to be more like that herself. That threw me! I told her that I was distracted and my mind was wandering, so to hear her say that of me, was comforting.


So now it was time to practice the Big Reveal! We warmed up on the mats and learned how to hook our thumbs in the fabric of our shirts and slowly peel it off before flinging it away. Hotness!


I wore a loose pink top over a fitted tank because I am not comfortable with my stretch marks. After having two children, one over 9 pounds and the other almost 11 pounds, my stomach looks a page out of a road atlas. So revealing that part of myself was too hard. Now mind you, Anjua never said we had to peel off our shirts down to our sports bras. She wanted us to be at ease.

We all faced away from each other when we practiced the final steps of the sensual dance with the peel off. We couldn’t see each other but when we turned around, it appeared to me that I was the only woman who still had on a top. We are different shapes and sizes. We come from different experience. We never judge. But, I couldn’t stop judging myself.


Today’s pole dancing trick was the arabesque! This one required us to stand on the tiptoe of one foot as we swung our other leg behind us, wrap that knee around the pole and twirl around with both knees bent in the air as we swung to the floor. If we looked back over our shoulder towards the pole, then we could swing more effortlessly. It took a few tries, but I did it.

Next was combining the two: the sensual dance with the tricks we have been learning. We didn’t have to do the arabesque if we didn’t want to do it. We could choose the hummingbird.

I’m amazing myself each time I try one of these acrobatic moves. My arms and shoulders are sore every week, but they are getting stronger. Others mentioned having bruises on their bodies, too. But each one of us is toughening up. Each one of us is improving. Each one of us is peeling off the layers that weigh us down.


Pure Mvmnt is offering two workshops in February:

  • The Art of the Peel on February 5th from 5-6:15

  • Lap Dance 101 on February 11 from 6:30-8.

  • Each session is $35 but if one books both then she’ll save $10.


And yes, Black Girls know the Art of the Peel!

See you around town!