Thanksgiving Eve-Grey Goose Martini Experience

Alton Tinker, Arnold Hines, Mark A. Matthews  and Terry Travis are the leaders for the 30 and over events for Urban Cleveland. The Annual Grey Goose Martini Experience is one that I have enjoyed attending in the past so I thought I’d go again this year on Thanksgiving Eve.

The event planners booked my favorite DJ, Terry Urban, and it would be held at Shooters on the Water. Two pluses for me! The entertainment group was offering several ticket levels for guests plus discount codes on first time Uber rides and hotel rooms at the Marriott Downtown at Key Center. Doors opened at 9:30 pm and admission was free if one registered and arrived before 10:00 pm. This registration included a complimentary drink coupon to be redeemed before 10pm as well. After 10pm the prices were $20 or one could purchase table bottle service at either $125 or $250. Of course I registered through Eventbrite for the free ticket!

We arrived early and as soon as I walked in I saw several people I know. We talked for a bit and then I was told to head to the lower bar to get our Grey Goose cocktail. I chopped it up with a Blackgirl Blogger supporter and friend, Charesha. Then we took our drinks and went to take a couple of pictures by the beautiful weeping twinkle light tree.

After this I was ready to start dancing. My boyfriend and I headed towards the DJ booth so I could ham it up with Terry Urban. I told him that he is the best disc jockey around and I love when he comes back to spin in Cleveland from New York City. I asked him if I could take a picture and I guess because I buttered him up, he handed me his headphones and moved out of the way for me to start scratching! Of course I rocked the 1s & 2s for a quick second!! Okay, okay, I’m joking. I just posed for a quick couple of pictures before going to dance. But here’s a little secret; if you smile and ask politely, most people will say yes to what you ask.

We danced for most of the night and had a lot of fun. One thing that was disappointing to me, was that with the amount of people at this event, only a few actually danced. The music was great. The vibe was there. The setting was primed. Plus Terry Urban knows how long to play a song to keep the crowd excited. I think he knows how to gauge his audience to determine what type of songs to play and mixes enough old with the new to keep everyone happy. So I don’t get it. Why don’t more people dance? Who knows? All I know, is that I had fun! See you around town!